Writing to Connect with your Visitors

Whether it is in a broadcast email, blog content, sales copy writing or any form of typed content, your writing needs to connect with your visitors. People appreciate connection. Your visitors are wanting something that speaks to them, something that is familiar. If you aren’t writing to connect with your visitors, then you are writing … Read more

Making Money Online with an Empty Cup

I recently attended a 2 day workshop dealing in affiliate marketing, traffic generation and advertising. Prior to the class I was told a number of times “Come with an empty cup”. I thought to myself “how am I to make money online with an empty cup?” I had all these experiences, so why can’t i … Read more

Things to Know About Affiliate Marketing

Depending on who you know or what you hear, you may or may not know what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing, also known as a form of internet marketing or digital marketing, is its basic form, a method of using digital content to refer website visitors to other sites, products or services for a commission. … Read more

One Big Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make

And this is one of the biggest! If you are new to Internet marketing or just starting out in affiliate marketing, there is a decent chance you may get caught up in this huge mistake that is literally leaving massive amounts of wealth on the table. When I started in 2005, I was alone in … Read more

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