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Hey everyone,

I’m Gabe Killian and I am a pretty normal guy who has been extremely fortunate (and some unfortunate experiences as well) throughout his life. All in all I am quite grateful to be where I am now, however. My story is not much different from the average entrepreneur like yourself I am sure. The first part of my life I lived in the Oregon / Washington / California area, living most of my life in Oregon. During my time in Oregon, specifically 2005, a friend of the family Connie caught my attention on what she was doing to earn money online.

Connie, who wasn’t exceptionally technical, was making $40,000 a month (if memory serves), all online and all passively. Naturally, being a young entrepreneur at heart, and making barely livable wages at RadioShack as an assistant manager, I was thoroughly interested in her story.

This, my friends, is when I learned about affiliate marketing!

About Gabe Killian
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2005 was quite a bit ago. I was young, undisciplined and stubborn as all get out! This served as a benefit and disadvantage. I was determined to learn this trade, but unwilling to network for years to come. So, as many young entrepreneurs do, I learned the hard way, by trial and error.

As you can probably imagine, many failures occurred and lots of hang-ups. I remember trying to learn my web design software. It was days and days in front of the computer, just to put up a 5 page ugly website. But in failure and struggle, persistence always wins. These lessons were invaluable to me.

Light-Bulb Moments in Affiliate Marketing

So as all struggles go, we get better. This only holds true to those who don’t quit though, remember. I started reading eBooks, watching videos, reading blogs and buying books of my heroes at the time. I listened and watched Joel Comm, Frank Kern, Russel Brunson, Anik Singhal, Simon Leung, Shawn Collins, Yaro Starak and many more. These Internet Marketers inspired me to continue my pursuit.

So as far as affiliate marketing goes, it took me a long time to get on my feet. One day however, it all began to change. My first checks from Google and ClickBank were like striking gold. They may have been only about $100 each, but it was money that just showed up in the mail. Those checks got bigger and bigger too in to the thousands! It wasn’t easy getting there, but it was so worth it. As time progressed the numbers only got better and I found that I had a real passion and love for affiliate marketing!

I realize I look like im 16

More Ups and Downs for Gabe Killian

So the money was quite livable, but I definitely experienced some ups and downs. Google, as Google does, would continually change its algorithms. The Panda and Penguin update hurt like hell. Each time I built myself back up from the ground, each time becoming strong. I experienced some serious heartbreak later on down the road, again, I had to re-establish myself. I was not the best at maintaining structure and discipline. The only reason I excelled at Internet marketing was due to the fact I loved it so much. I also had an empty spot in me I felt I had to fill. A calling, if you will. One day, I dropped everything I knew and joined the United States Navy. Crazy right?!

It wasn’t because I was desperate, or was it because I needed the income. But I wanted… no I NEEDED to experience something different. I wanted to serve my country, I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to know I had that discipline in me. To be honest, I think everyone feels like this at some point, but I was going to live it as a full experience. So off I went, got my head shaved (This was truly hard, haha) and went to boot camp. So I went through as a missile/RADAR technician, deployed, and ended up in VA Beach area in Virginia.

Gabe Killian, affiliate marketer

Getting Right Back to It!

As you can imagine, old habits die hard. I did what I came to do with the Navy, I did my service and what I felt was my part. Then back on to the web again, just like nothing changed. So to this day, I create content like a mad man, digging deep on the web. Now here I am, still in the Virginia Beach area, grinding away, looking for ways to share my experience with affiliate marketing and seeing those around me become successful.

About me, Gabriel Killian

Other Random Stuff About Me

Other than being in to affiliate marketing, I enjoy spending time at the gym… Sometimes a little too much. I am by no means “beastly” but I get mine in. Often I also enjoy running immensely. I have a dog that I love to death and I’m a big anime nerd (I can’t believe I just admitted that). Oh and food! I’m a huge foodie! Btw, here is a photo of my fur-baby.

But Enough About Me

Let’s talk about you! What are your dreams, ambitions, goals when it comes to affiliate marketing? I love to hear stories from other entrepreneurs! At anytime please shoot me an email from our Contact Us page or comment on any of the posts. I love to engage with my visitors.

To your future successes!

See you at the top,

Gabe Killian

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