Affiliate Marketing: How To Become An Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. It has everything from books and movies to clothes and food. But, did you know that Amazon also has an affiliate program? Through their affiliate program, you can make money by doing things like referring people to products on amazon or even advertising other companies’ products on amazon’s site. In this blog post, we will talk about how to become an amazon affiliate and how to make money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

Amazon’s affiliate program, known as “Amazon Associates” is a unique program with a variety of options to promote literally anything has to offer and make money through affiliate marketing.

The basis of affiliate marketing is to promote a company’s products or services and make commissions by selling those items.

Amazon affiliate program signup page

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

Amazon Associates has the following three ways for you to receive financial compensation:

– Direct Linking – When someone clicks on your link, buys something, and returns within 60 days from their purchase date; You will be credited with an Associate Fee commission directly in your account

– Product Display Ads – Amazon pays you when customers click on one of these ads that leads them to buy a product offered through (from any seller offer)

– Text Links Advertisements – Similar to google text advertisment programs where advertisers pay each time someone visits their site after clicking on the advertisement. The same applies here but instead of google, it’s

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when making money with Amazon through their affiliate program:

– Become a registered member – You must register for an account on the site before you can join and start earning commissions as an associate. The registration process is free and easy to do. Simply click here or visit “Your Account” at the top right hand side of your screen then select “Register Now”. To become part of this amazing opportunity, all you need is information like your name, email address, billing address etc. Once you’ve done that? Your free account will be available within 24 hours!

– Join – When joining there are two types of memberships open to you:

– “Associate” – This membership is free and allows you to join the affiliate program with limited access.

– “Professional” – A paid, upgraded version of an associate account that gives you more benefits including unlimited product linking, higher commissions on certain types of sales, additional fees for advertising other companies’ products and services through amazon’s site

Signing up with Amazon Associates, Amazon's affiliate program

Promoting Your Amazon Product

Once registered as a member, You can set up your referral links (these are the specific url address where people should go in order to visit Amazon).

To do this, log into your account then click on ‘Account Settings’. From there just select ‘Personalise Your Links’, enter either text or URL link information so they know what type of website they will be directed to, click ‘Save’ and you’re done!

  • Promote – You can promote amazon in a number of ways. Some ideas include:
  • Liking Amazon on Facebook
  • Tweeting about deals for products you sell through Amazon’s affiliate program
  • Mentioning the company or their programs in blog posts to your readers/followers. This will educate them as well as provide an opportunity to refer shoppers back to (that is if they are not already signed up).

How Much Does it Cost? and How Much Money Will You Make?

And now that we’ve discussed how to become an affiliate with amazon and start making money? Let’s talk about some simple strategies on how best make use of this service. The first strategy is something called “vertical marketing” where you take advantage of your specific knowledge/interest and create content that will be appealing to the people in these groups. This is a strategy I use for my blog posts on amazon affiliate programs, but could also be applied to product promotion as well.

Amazon Associates are registered members who promote products or services from other companies through their links at no cost unless they make sales (in which case they receive commission). There are three types of memberships: Associate, Professional and Individual Businesses. Becoming an individual business offers additional benefits such as unlimited product linking and higher commissions on certain types of sales.

Something to keep in mind. Amazon commissions are generally small, unless promoting “high-ticket” items like furniture, exercise equipment, high-end electronics, etc. The beautify of affiliate marketing with Amazon is that your choices on what to promote is nearly endless.

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Amazon Product Blogging Reviews

Have a blog on a specific niche? No problem! Chances are Amazon has a book related to your niche or a product that you can promote to your subscribers and readers. This allows you to promote highly targeted products directly to your visitors via Amazon associates.

Another cool thing to keep in mind when promoting products is the ability to make more sales. Let’s say someone buys a book through your link. Then they continue through amazon, adding more and more in their cart. It doesn’t matter if they buy a pair of socks afterwards or a $5000 television. You’ll be getting the commission for whatever is in their cart at the time of purchase!

How to make money using Amazon associates,'s affiliate program.

Getting Started With Amazon’s Affiliate Program – Quick Steps (Revisited)

To become an amazon affiliate:

-Sign up on the site and fill in your details.

-Get a personalised link that you can share with people to encourage them to visit Amazon via your affiliate links (you get commission). To do this, log into your account then click on ‘Account Settings’. From there just select ‘Personalise Your Links’, enter either text or URL link information so they know what type of website they will be directed to, click ‘Save’ and you’re done! You can promote these links through social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

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-Know how much money you are eligible for when someone makes a purchase from one of the products/services promoted under your username. This is called your “Associates Total” and will be located on the left-hand side of your account, under ‘Your Account’.

-The best way to find products/services that you can promote is by browsing Amazon’s site. You might want to look into some of their most popular categories like clothing, electronics or books as well.

To get started with amazon affiliate marketing: sign up for an Associates membership today! It only takes a few minutes and becomes very rewarding should you decide to take it seriously. With this business opportunity? The sky (and sales) are literally the limit!”

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