16 Affiliate Marketing Blogging Tips for Success

Creating a successful blog with the primary intention of using it for affiliate marketing may be a daunting task. To make the process easier, here are 16 affiliate marketing blogging tips for success.

1. Blog About Things You’re Passionate About

This is the most important tip I have to offer because it will determine if your blog or any of your affiliate marketing blogging efforts are at all successful in the long run. Blog about something you care deeply and passionately about, something you feel unique insights on and can use as a hook for your posts. Blogging is an intensive process – especially when trying to build up lots of traffic that’s interested in what you have to say – so make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons!

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2. Create Unique Content That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere

Another big reason behind why people with a passion for blogging succeed while those who aren’t passionate usually fail is due to their ability to create unique content. Blogs can’t succeed if they’re just rehashing the same stuff that’s already on hundreds of other blogs about the same topic. Bloggers who are successful are able to come up with topics and writing styles that simply can’t be found elsewhere online, or at least nowhere else as well presented as they do it.

3. Blog Regularly

The only way you’ll get any real traction from your blogging efforts is if you post regularly. For most bloggers that means a few posts a week, but some people manage to get by posting daily (or even several times a day!). The important thing here is consistency – make sure you have enough time every week to devote to your blog so that there will always be new posts for people to read!

4. Blog About What You Don’t Know

Don’t be afraid to tackle a topic you don’t know much about just yet – that’s one of the great things about blogging, it allows you to learn new things in areas you haven’t had much experience with yet, and can even force you to improve your own skills when trying to blog about something. Blogging is also a great way to network with experts in the field who are willing (and sometimes eager) to answer questions or provide help on more specific topics as they pop up.

5. Blog Regularly For Friends And Family First

This tip might seem like some kind of odd strategy, but it works in building up traffic as well as your own skills as a blogger. Blog about topics that are close to you – talk about your passions, share stories with friends and family (even if they are embarrassing at times! That’s what makes them candid and unique), post pictures of the latest adventures you’ve been on, or just let people know what’s going on in your life for those who follow along. Blogging is also a great way to stay in touch with relatives far away!

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6. Blog The Way You Talk

The most important point here is to write the way you talk rather than try to imitate some other style or writer because it will lend itself towards building up more traffic due to unique content. Bloggers often lose out trying too hard to appeal to everyone else by trying to fit into a certain way of writing or style that’s popular at the time. This leads towards cookie cutter blogs that are just like everyone else and gives off the impression you’re less interested in your own opinion than trying to present something that came across well elsewhere. Blog about things you know, blog about how you would talk if telling a friend directly.

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7. Blog About Something You’re Passionate About (again!)

 This is probably my favorite tip because it boils everything down to what blogging is all about: passion! Blogging is an effective tool for promoting your passions with others – and ultimately getting some help along the way from those who can’t get enough of what you have to share! Blogging – if done right – can be a very effective way to build up your own skills and bring value to people around the world, while earning money as well (you’re welcome of course)! Blogging will only work for you if you love what it is you’re doing, so make sure that all of your blog content reflects that passion!

8. Blog With The Future In Mind

The final point here goes back to consistency – remember that even with thousands of readers visiting your blog every day, most won’t take action on anything they read because without clear call to action buttons or links elsewhere online (in places like other blogs) there’s nothing telling them how they can help out or get involved through things like comments, sharing stories with their friends/family etc.

9. Blog About ClickBank Products

This one is a no-brainer and probably what most Bloggers are already doing, but if you’re just starting out or looking to expand your Blog then you should definitely try writing Blog posts that include product reviews for Clickbank products in them. Blogging will help promote those products and as long as you’re consistent there’s nothing stopping you from making some good money through affiliates programs like Clickbank! Bloggers often forget the power behind telling people about topics they enjoy – which is why most blogs fail – so make sure that even when reviewing Products on affiliate sites, be honest with yourself and tell the reader exactly why you liked the product (honestly!) rather than just posting links to other peoples websites.

Blogging Blog posts are a great way to promote ClickBank products or other affiliate programs so if you’re serious about Blogging and making money online then take the next step by including some Clickbank reviews in your Blog posts!

10. Blog About Your Affiliate Site

Another thing Bloggers often forget is that being consistent doesn’t stop there – as long as people keep reading your Blogs, they’ll remember who you are and where to find you later when they want to buy or learn more about something! If you have an Affiliate site (like Promoting Clickbank Products for example) then make sure that whenever possible look into linking back to it from Blog post content. Try using phrases like “Learn More” or “More Info” in Blog posts so that people can click on your blog link and head over to a particular Blog post where you’ve already included your affiliate links.

11. Blog About Blogging Blog Posts

Content is king and Bloggers are the kings of creating content, but it seems like most Blogs are missing out on a huge opportunity here. Simply by writing Blog posts about Blogging itself – whether it’s for newbies or advanced users (intermediate might even be better!) – you get those search engines working for you 24/7! Think about all the Blogs with tips like “How to Use ClickBank” or 10 Tips for Starting Your Own Affiliate Website” ? Think about how many times each article gets clicked on and read all around the world, it’s pretty tough to compete with that. Blog about Blogging and not only will you have the inside scoop on Blogging but you’ll have thousands of people reading Blog posts every day that send a ton of targeted traffic to your Blog.

This one is more for complete beginners to Blogging or affiliate marketing in general – if you’re just starting out and want to promote some Clickbank products/courses make sure you try putting an external link (normally just pasted into html form) so that readers can visit another page where they can learn more about the product or service in question. This might not seem like much, but remember that Bloggers are always looking for ways to improve conversions so why not make it easier for them to visit your Blog and check out what you’re offering by adding external links? Bloggers care about their readers so they’ll appreciate having easy access to relevant Blog posts whenever possible.

13. Blog Using Images & Graphics

It’s no secret that Blogs with graphics/images get more views than those without, but one thing Bloggers often forget is that photos and images also help to tell stories in a way that text alone can’t! If you want more people visiting your Blog or even better buying Clickbank products then make sure you include lots of interesting pictures in your Blog blog posts. You shouldn’t just be using stock images either, try finding some good quality pictures that correlate directly with whatever article you’re writing to help Blog readers to really get a feel for what you’re Blogging about.

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14. Blog Using Personal Experience

One of the biggest mistakes people make when Blogging is that all their Blog posts are filled with information and advice, but there’s no real reason why Blog posts can’t be more personal every now and then! Try including your own Blogs personal experience in any articles where it might be relevant – whether it’s Clickbank products or other Affiliate sites like CPA offers, sometimes a little bit of personal Blog experience can go a long way. If your Blog is new then focus on how you discovered affiliate marketing/Clickbank Products/whatever you’re writing about, if it’s an established Blog then maybe try including some experiences from Blogging in general.

15. Blog From Blog to Blog

As well as Blog posts you should also try Blogging from Blog to Blog. This means that whenever you find another Blog post that is relevant or interesting, link your readers over to it! Don’t just leave it at a regular link however, see if there’s anything else you can do to make the reader take action – whether it’s comments or tagging people in Facebook – try and get those reader’s even more engaged by including them in the conversation wherever possible!

If you’re trying to market affiliate products then make sure you include a few Blog posts promoting Clickbank products or other Affiliate programs that are directly relevant to whatever information you’re Blogging about. Don’t worry if Blog post Blogs are just blatant promotions for affiliate products – Bloggers will see past that and you’ll get some really good traffic from it in the meantime!

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