Sales Funnels for Affiliate Marketing – Do I Need Them?

Do you need sales funnels for affiliate marketing? There are a multitude of platforms offering sales funnel builders, such as ClickFunnels, LeadPages, GrooveFunnels and Unbounce. So are sales funnel builder platforms such as these necessary when it comes to affiliate marketing? Is the price worth it? We will cover all these answers and more in the following content!

Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

What is a Sales Funnel?

So what exactly is a sales funnel? According to ringDNA, a sales funnel “refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.” This process starts with traffic that enters a “landing page”, which can also be a “lead capture” page. From there, it leads the potential customer through a variety of upsells and downsells, one-time-offer’s, etc. However, a sales funnel can even be a single opt-in page for capturing names and email addresses. In addition, they can be put in front of other sales pages to “warm-up” the potential buyer.

This is where affiliate marketing and the sales funnel meet.

Using Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing

Many times, traditional affiliate marketing would provide a banner or link that goes directly to the affiliated product. For example, you could have a ClickBank link that points directly from this blog to the sellers landing page. From there the visitor would submit their email address, and follow the sellers sales funnel.

There is a huge flaw in this, however. You will have no other means of connecting with your visitor once they leave your page. Chances are, unless they are a huge fan of yours, you will never see them again. This leaves no chance with working with your visitors or being able to provide them with any further products.

Your customer visits your page a single time, clicks then link, then “Goodbye” and hopefully they buy something further down your link. There is no follow-up. Also there is no building of a relationship.

There is why using sales funnels for affiliate marketing is so inherently important! Allow me to explain…

how sales funnels help affiliate marketers

How Sales Funnels Help Affiliate Marketers

If you aren’t using sales funnels for affiliate marketing you are leaving “Most” of your money on the table. Internet Marketers from the start have always said that “The money is in the list”. This is referring to the email list of subscribers that you aren’t getting by sending your traffic directly to your affiliate offer!

As an affiliate marketer, you should ALWAYS, if possible, put a funnel in front of your affiliate offer in order to accomplish the following:

  • Build your email list of subscribers.
  • Create follow-up emails to your subscribers.
  • Use your email list to connect with your subscribers.
  • Use your sales funnel to warm up your leads.
  • Promote other helpful offers to those who subscribe using your funnel.
  • (Optional) create bonus offers for visitors using your links.

And there are so many other possibilities! Your job as an affiliate marketer is to help others by providing solutions to your visitors. How can you do that if you leave no other connection to them?

In addition, you may find something totally awesome to promote in the future… Wouldn’t you want to share that with your visitors when the opportunity arises?

An example could be like this:

[Blog] > [1-Page Funnel (lead capture)] > [Affiliate Offer]

Then once you have their email address, you can then send follow-up emails to ensure they understand the benefits of the product you are promoting.

list building using an affiliate sales funnel

You can see an example of a lead-capture page using a funnel here.

How to Set Up Your Lead-Capture Page For Affiliate Programs

Using a sales funnel for affiliate marketing is easy, but requires a few steps. Let’s talk about what those steps entail and how to use them all in conjunction.

1. You Need a Funnel Builder

Unless you like building websites from scratch, funnel builders are convenient and easy and made to perform! We highly recommend using ClickFunnels. You can use other funnel builders like GrooveFunnels, LeadPages and Unbounce as well. The reason we love Click Funnels so much is that ClickFunnels has created more millionaires than any other platform out there. It’s super intuitive, versatile and easy to use.

2. You Need an Email Marketing Service (Autoresponder)

This allows you to integrate email-capture in to your funnel. Some funnel builders provide this, usually at an inflated cost. Our preference is AWeber and/or GetResponse. Both offer free basic plans up to however many subscribers, then you pay as your list gets bigger. On this site, we use AWeber.

I think it’s rather obvious at this point you will need to find an appropriate affiliate program if you are wanting to do this. You can go to websites like ClickBank, Shareasale, or JVZoo to find products your visitors will like. Once you decide on one, simply grab your affiliate link to the product you are wanting to promote.

4. Create Your Sales Funnel Around Your Affiliate Product

Now you will want to create a clean landing page that will capture the names and email addresses of the traffic coming to your funnel. During this process, you can use the information provided from the affiliate landing page to create a simple squeeze page. This is a 1-page funnel designed to simply capture your visitors information and redirect them to your affiliate link.

5. Integrate Your Autoresponder Service to Redirect to Your Affiliate Page

When integrating your email marketing service, you’ll want to set the “Thank You” page as your affiliate link. So when someone signs up, it immediately redirects them using your affiliate link, where they will continue the sales process.

Again, you can see an example of a lead-capture page using a funnel here. and how it works.

We highly recommend using ClickFunnels and AWeber as they integrate easy and are probably the easiest to use.

6. Create Your Follow-Up Emails

I recommend writing 5-10 daily follow-up emails in regards to your product you are promoting. From there on you’ll want to email your subscribers regularly. Doing so will help you build a relationship with them over time.

Using Sales Funnels For Affiliate Marketing – Outcome

When I first began my affiliate marketing journey in 2005, I used none of the methods described in this post. As a result, I left thousands of dollars on the table, potentially even more! The thing about having an email list, is over time, it becomes more and more valuable to you as a marketer.

Think about it… One day when you want to promote your own product, you’ll already have a fully functional email list to promote to. In addition, you won’t have to rely solely on paid traffic or organic web traffic. You’ll already have a fully-functional email list to work with. I really can’t stress this enough.

In addition, you can use your squeeze page to send traffic to directly instead of just integrating them in your blog or website. This is like creating a digital asset you can use in whatever means you wish. The important part is capturing your visitors information in order to provide them with a higher level of service.

Sales Funnel Resources:

Want to get the most out of your sales funnel? Below are awesome avenues to becoming a master at funnel creation and making even more money with your funnel!

  • One Funnel Away Challenge – 30 days of in-depth funnel training from the most elite and wealthy funnel builders on the planet! BONUS: Also includes the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit!
  • 5-Day Lead Challenge – Free 5-Day funnel class that teaches you how to build leads with your funnel and help you convert. (One Funnel Away also includes this challenge as well).
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets Autowebinar – This autowebinar will teach you the ins and outs of funnel hacking and how to get the most out of your sales funnel.

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