Dear Coaches, Agencies and Affiliate Marketers – Stop Now!

Let me start by saying this isn’t a “hate” post. As being an entrepreneur myself I have a lot of love for all in the community. I want to see people grow their business and gain wealth online!

I spend a lot of time in various communities. As part of such, I belong to groups in Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. Lately more than ever, I’ve been noticing a trend, however. I’ve seen it in posts, in group discussions and most of all in my inbox. Most of the time, I read these to gain insight, but in some cases, the attempts were either bad, or at worst, insulting.

Please allow me to share my experiences of these recent events with you. These are from various coaches, agencies and affiliate marketers I’ve encountered online. If this is you, I am sorry. I will do my best to keep any and all information anonymous.

My goal isn’t to shit-talk. It’s to provide clarification and to provide alternate approaches in which you may be received better. They say it’s hardest selling to a salesperson. Conversely, its extremely hard to market to an experienced marketer. I’ve spoken out on some of these matters publicly. Groups have even kicked me out (lol). But I would be doing nobody any favors in keeping my mouth shut. If you have your own experiences, please share in the comments below!

Don't insult your customers intelligence

1. Don’t Insult Your Prospect’s Character or Intellect!

I recently, I ran across a post involving handling clients when they ask about the price. “So what do you say when they ask about the price of your service?” While the response wasn’t completely inaccurate. It left me with an unsettled feeling and a bad taste in my mouth.

Below was the post:

About the price questions

Why this is an unhealthy business approach: Chances are, your customer isn’t stupid. They want to know the price because they would be a complete idiot saying yes to anything without knowing how much it costs. And let’s be real, a lot of people sell shit products for an unreasonable price, and every entrepreneur has fell victim to it one time or another. Don’t be a hypocrite and don’t challenge their intellect. This is when you get hung up on.

Second, price is a HUGE factor if you haven’t provided enough VALUE. Why should anyone spend money if you haven’t sold them on the benefits? This person likely needs to consider either their pitch or their product. When someone asks the price, it’s not only an objection, it’s a BUYING SIGNAL. Proceed with caution.

Also, your client may be on a budget or may not have enough money. If that is the case, don’t shame them into buying! It may simply not be the right time or product for them at this time. Simply thank them and move on. You may gain them as a client or customer later – Keep in touch!

first impressions count

2. First Impressions Count – Introduce Yourself Before Asking for Something.

So for this next example, I really don’t think this person meant any harm or to be rude. It just came off that way.

All too often I get sales pitches in my messenger inbox. I don’t promote myself on Facebook as it is kind of sacred ground for me. This is likely a cue to them that I am new in the industry or something, idk…. Regardless, people are trying to snipe me like it was their last day on earth.

So anyhow, I still like to connect with other entrepreneurs so I usually accept the friend request, thus sparking a message. So in this example, this is how our conversation started… and ended:

Yeah, I get it. He was trying to qualify me to see how much I knew about affiliate marketing before pitching me a product. He never said “Hi” or anything like that… just immediately dug into me with his pitch. Honestly, I was laughing when I saw this and I realize it was likely auto-generated, but still… funny.

Like I said, I am sure he didn’t mean to be rude. However, I can’t imagine this working for anyone. As a disclaimer, he eventually did message back and apologized for not introducing himself a couple weeks later.

sales and digital marketing is about trust and building relationships

3. Sales and Marketing is all about Trust, Providing Value and Building Relationships

I get staying hungry for money. But marketing and sales are a “give/take” relationship, with a foundation on “trust”.

I see this is a lot of Facebook groups in which they treat their visitors, leads and prospective clients like they should just drop everything and follow them blindly.

With Covid, comes an influx of overnight mentors, coaches, agencies and affiliate marketers wanting to promote the biggest, hottest product. They all have the answers that they were only told about last week. Everyone has a solution and it is extremely hard to pick out which one is legit over the B.S.

As a mentor, coach, agency or affiliate marketer, we should be mindful of this. What reason does anyone have to trust us? Have we built up that foundation of a relationship that is needed to approach our subscribers, leads and prospective clients?

You must ask yourself “Have I provided any value?” and “Have I made any effort to learn about my subscribers and prospects?”

If I’ve learned anything over the years, you have to give before you get. This is a two-way road and if you want anything from your potential customers, then make an effort and provide them with true value.

Your subscribers, clients and leads are smart

4. Your Subscribers, Followers, Leads and Clients Are Smart

One mentality that is a huge “turn-off” for me is the whole “I have answers that the regular human being isn’t capable of”.

Now don’t confuse this with having a “tactic that works” or “secret method”, I am referring to treating others in a manner that assumes they know less than you. I see this in my email inbox more than anywhere.

Your subscribers come from all walks of life and you never know, they may be better than you at doing what you are currently doing. You may not be intentionally doing this either. It may just come out in your writing (I am totally guilty of this).

While you want to establish your authority as a subject matter expert, your visitors will also appreciate humility and humbleness as well as authenticity.

Provide value as an affiliate marketer or coach

5. Provide Value Over Anything Else

As an affiliate marketer, coach, mentor or agency, if you can’t provide value, you won’t gain trust, leads or the ability to scale your business. I don’t mean give away the whole boat, but you definitely need to over-deliver.

You have a particular skill or product that another may not have. With that knowledge, you can provide a level of service that can stand out in front of all the others. I experience so many people in my messenger inbox promoting the same stuff that it all becomes muddled, then I respond to none of them.

Consider this, instead of someone just throwing pitches at me, should they provide something of real, I mean REAL value. You can sure as heck bet, I’ll be buying the next awesome product or service they promote.

The beauty about these type of services and or business models is that they can absolutely be a Win-Win situation. You provide a service or promote a service that really helps someone, in return you get paid handsomely for it. Everybody Wins!

In Summary…

As coaches, mentors, agencies and affiliate marketers, your subscribers, leads, prospective buyers are your lifeblood. You do business with smart, witty and intelligent people. They deserve all the love, respect and value that you can provide them. If you abide by this philosophy, you will see your business skyrocket and have more devout partners on your side that trust you and are willing to invest in you!

Now, Let Me Know Your Thoughts!

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