10 Reasons You NEED a Blog For Affiliate Marketing

10 Reasons You NEED a Blog For Affiliate Marketing - Gabe Killian

While not just for affiliate marketing, blogs can provide you with a number of advantages you can’t get anywhere else. This article aims to not only go in to the blogging needs of an affiliate marketer, but in any business that you want to take online. While blogging may have some disadvantages (which we will also go over), the benefits far outweigh them. We will go over the 10 reasons you need a blog for affiliate marketing as well as any other business on the Internet.

Stay tuned, because we will hit on advantages, disadvantages, how to get a blog started and the best resources for making YOUR BLOG successful! First off, let’s hit on the disadvantages and get the ugly stuff out of the way first.

Disadvantages of Having a Blog

I know what you’re thinking… “Hey Gabe, I thought I needed a blog?!” Well you should probably absolutely have one, especially as an affiliate marketer. But it doesn’t come without its disadvantages over other platforms. Here is why:

1. They Take Seemingly Forever To See Progress…

Yeah, this is the big one. Unless you are either pro, or get lucky, it can take months, if not longer, before you see any real traffic or income come from you blog. This is one seriously unfortunate aspect. This is also the reason a lot of people give up on blogs before they have a chance to be self-sustaining.

2. They Take Constant Creativity.

Blogging requires you to always have to come up with content creation ideas. This isn’t just to keep relevant, its also just the nature of blogs. In order for a blog to remain successful, constant content creation is required, which can be a pain in the @ss. This is true especially if you are having writer’s block (Something I constantly struggle with).

3. You Have To Build Your Visitor Base From The Ground Up.

Unlike using social media, where you can have a bunch of follows/subscribers to start out with. All of which are on the same platform. Chances are, nobody, if few, will likely see your blog for some time. You’ll feel like you are writing to the ether.

4. Blogs Take a Lot of Work!

Starting a blog takes a huge commitment. Especially when created for affiliate marketing, or any other online business venture, you are going to have to put in some work. Many blogs, in order to be successful, must be posted in at least a couple times a week. Your blog is like creating a home and you need to create a home that is welcoming and somewhere you are comfortable living in.

5. Blogs Have Less Control Over Your Traffic – Especially for Affiliate Marketing.

Unlike paid advertising, for example, Facebook ads, it’s hard to gauge how much traffic you are going to get. You can’t just simply pay more and get more traffic. You also can’t really buy your way to the top either. Your rankings will go up and down (hopefully more up than down), but you have no real certainty in either direction.

Ok, now that I have completely convinced you that having a blog for your Internet marketing needs is a terrible idea… Allow me to convince you otherwise!

Plus, I am going to share some blogging resources that can put you on track for major success online!

Now, let me be clear…. You don’t need a blog, buuuuuuuttttt…… You’re leaving money on the table! And here is why:

Why Are Blogs Necessary For Digital Marketing

There is a plethora of reasons why having a blog is absolutely great, especially in Internet businesses like affiliate marketing. I am confident, without a doubt, if you questioned whether or not you should have a blog, your mind will likely be changed today!

1. People Love and Read Blogs and Tend to Trust Blogs Over Other Social Posts.

According to RyRob.com, a blog all about blogging statistics, “An overwhelming 77% of Internet users regularly read blog posts“. Now, I can stop this post right here and this should be enough to convince you, but let’s not stop there! The website also states that “Content marketing produces 3X more leads than paid search”, and even more interesting is that “60% of people purchase a product after originally reading a blog post about it”!

And literally, the stats promoting it goes on and on… But what else can we say about blogging for profits?

With blogs you are in control of the content

2. You Are in Control of the Content

How great does it feel that Facebook can’t shut you down simply because you speak your mind, or use “advertising” language? While you don’t have strict control over the traffic you get, you have complete control over what you post… and the only real entities that can shut you down is the FCC and you not paying your hosting bill. Having a blog gives you a level of freedom, in both content and design that you can’t get anywhere else.

I personally know Instagram users with over 230K followers who got shut down overnight, for no apparent reason. In addition, I’ve known marketers get their Facebook ad account revoked, which totally shut down their business in the blink of an eye.

3. Search Engines Like Google Love Blogs!

Having a blog with great content and regular posts can mean a ton of free traffic for you. While getting started takes a while, it will hit an apex with regular posting and you can see thousands of visitors daily. The best part is, unlike paid advertising, you don’t have an “off button” to the traffic. The moment you stop paying for ads, your traffic ceases to exist… but not in blogs! If you can type content regularly, you have a literal ATM at your fingertips. Do the work now and it will pay off big in the future.

Also with the right WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing, you can help ensure you’re on the right track in advertising and SEO.

blogging for profits as an affiliate marketer

4. Blogging Creates Authority and Puts You On-Stage as a Subject Matter Expert.

If you are great at something, sometimes it can be hard to to share with the world your expertise. Creating content through blogs allows you to share your information with the world on your terms. Also, you can share your blog posts literally anywhere… Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest… literally anywhere!

Having a blog for affiliate marketing or any other marketing purpose allows you the room to share all the great ideas inside your head. People come to blogs to learn about something or solve a problem. If you can provide them with that value, then you are doing them a great service. Myself, I rely on blogs for information more than any other platform. When I google something, I skip right over the ads and look for the first blog I can find. Blogs with the most unique and valuable content tend to rank higher than junk blogs, so this makes it easy.

Blogs create authority as an affiliate marketer

5. Blogging = Insanely Cheap or Free Advertising – Blogs For Affiliate Marketing

Other than paying for certain plugins, domain/hosting or any other promotion, having a blog is basically free advertising. What is even more interesting is that visitors tend to trust and buy more from blogs than paid advertising. Sure you have to pay the cost of having a domain and hosting, and you pay for it in time, but the value far outweighs any of the costs incurred.

The problem most people run in to when starting a blog is that when they don’t get immediate results, they give up. Unfortunately for them, they were probably only a few posts away from seeing real traffic. It’s almost like a switch gets turned on after creating so much content, then the flow of visitors to your blog increases exponentially.

increased website traffic with blogs

6. The “Compound Net” Effect – My Favorite, The Rain-Catcher!

So allow me to gather your imagination for a moment. Imagine that your potential blog visitors (From Google, or whichever platform or search engine you choose), represent rain falling from the sky. Now with that thought, imagine that every blog post you create, that is optimized for a different “key-phrase” represents 1 Sq. Ft. of a giant pan to catch that water.

Over time, that pan will get bigger and bigger, every post you make. Soon that pans reach will spread far and wide and catch so much more rain than it did when it was just a few square feet.

This is how a blog works (Weird example, I know, but we are talking conceptually). The pan with 50 square feet is going to catch an insane amount of rain compared to the 5 foot pan. Not only that, the water in the pan will likely spread around to other parts of your pan (other blog posts).

Basically put, you’re going to have exponentially more opportunities to get website traffic over time, the more you post quality content. So while it may start out slow, you are investing your time in creating the biggest pan possible… and the possibilities are endless!

Easy to monetize blogs for affiliate marketing

7. It’s Easy to Monetize Your Blog For Affiliate Marketing or Direct Sales.

You can really monetize your blog any way you want. Blogs help you also warm up your leads and can start building a healthy relationship with your soon-to-be subscribers even before they sign up.

If you are selling or promoting a product, you have the opportunity to really talk about what you have to offer inside the blog. You get the opportunity to tell your visitors and potential subscribers all the necessary details before they even decide to consider it. This gives your visitors the freedom to research what you have to offer, and if it is a good product, you’ll have happier buyers.

If you are capturing leads or building an email list, having a blog allows the reader to get to know about you first and you can start building that relationship with them right away. In addition, many blogs (including this one), allow the reader to comment, which further allows you to engage with your visitors.

Blogging helps you help others

8. Blogging Helps You Help Others!

I know that when I am in need of advice, I often look for blogs that allow other experts in various fields share their information with me. One of the biggest joy’s of having a blog is the ability to help others and provide solutions for people seeking information or advice.

One of the greatest aspects of being an affiliate marketer is that I am able to align people with solutions, many of which I have or am using, to build a better future for themselves. Blogging for affiliate marketing allows me to share my experiences and review various products or programs that I have found great success with. It also helps me help others in sharing my own experiences and my previous mistakes (admittingly).

I’m pretty passionate about a number of things and for being an Internet Marketer as long as I have, I feel I have proven a fair amount of expertise in the realm. This, among other blogs, allows me to give my visitors my very best while cutting out all the meaningless crap that’s out there.

Close to 50% of marketers say they’d start over focusing on blogging

9. Close to 50% of Marketers Say They’d Start Over Focusing on Blogging

Yes, you heard that right. According to RyBob.com, “Close to 50% of marketers say they’d start over focusing on blogging”. Many marketers don’t, however. This is mostly because blogging is like pushing a stalled-out car, first up hill, for like the first half a year (sometimes more, sometimes less), and then downhill.

At first, even for the first 3-6 months, you may see little to no traffic. But that initial push to get the car up the hill is a slow and grueling process… Once you hit the peak of that hill, it gets a bit easier… and then the downward slop comes. At this point your blog will get eyes on it like never before seen!

If you write sticky content, you’ll find it published on other sites, blasted on social media and eventually go viral.

But it takes time, patience, and a ton of writing great content! But have faith, that it is all so worth it in the end. Remember in the movie Finding Nemo? “Just keep swimming!”

Blogs are Insanely Satisfying and a Stress Relieve

10. Blogs are Insanely Satisfying and a Stress Reliever

I know this has nothing to do with marketing or business, but its 100% true. As a digital marketer, my brain gets flooded with ideas, concepts and things I need to get off my chest. Having a blog allows me to do just that.

I’ve even been known to rent a nice hotel room, sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and just type all those thoughts I’ve been dying to share with the world, after having a wonderful day. I work when I want, where I want! It is so easy to just log in to my computer, get on my blog and just start typing. It is extremely satisfying and allows me to express externally, what I feel internally… Which is great since I am an Introvert, playing an extravert most of the time.

How do I start a blog?

“So I Want to Start A Blog… What Now?”

Fret Not! I’m going to share with you exactly what I use for my own blogs, including the one you are reading right now. Of course you have a lot of options when it comes to creating a blog, but I feel the way I am set up is ideal for most marketers out there.

1. Decide On Your Niche

You’ll need to come up with a niche to write about. If you don’t have one, you can come up with a generic one to start or use your name for branding purposes… like idk… GabeKillian.com? But before anything, you’ll have to come up with a good name for your domain.

2. Acquire a Domain & Hosting

I highly recommend going with BlueHost for both your domain and hosting needs. It’s inexpensive and it is optimized and the most recommended for WordPress Blogs like this one! Through BlueHost, you’ll be able to set up your WordPress blog with a click of a button! In addition, BlueHost has some of the best customer support for getting set up than I’ve ever experienced before. They will walk you through the whole process live!

3. Choose Your Theme

You can choose one of the many themes WordPress publishers offer from the Dashboard of WordPress, once installed. Alternately, you can go to http://themes.wordpress.com and choose one from there. A ton of them are free while others are paid versions. Either way, you have more options than you know what to do with!

4. Choose Your Plugins!!

This is the fun part. There is a literal myriad of cool plugins to use for your blog. If your blog is a blog for affiliate marketing or any other type of Internet Marketing, I highly recommend you check out my post called “7 Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugins” and see what I use for my blog!

5. Start Writing 🙂

Now that you have your domain, hosting, WordPress installation, theme and plugins set, you are ready to begin your first post. I highly suggest you do some keyword research before posting each bit of content. You can go to WordTracker.com and use their free version for keyword ideas to surround your post with.

Blogging For Affiliate Marketing – Your Journey

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the content in this post. If you do, please spread the karma and love by re-posting and sharing this post to others that may find it useful and helpful.

If you are looking for a great course in affiliate marketing or as an agency or course creator, I definitely recommend reading my post called “ENTRE Institute Review“. In addition, if you are interested in learning about sales funnels, I recommend reading my post titled “What is a Click Funnel“!

Thank you again for visiting and may the art of blogging create wealth both internally and externally for you!

~ Gabe Killian

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