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Looking for Udimi alternatives for your solo advertising? Look no further. We have sought out the closest and best Udimi solo ad alternatives so you can get the best and right kind of advertising for your needs.

Udimi Alternatives

Finding the right way to advertise your product, whether it be an affiliate offer or your own product can be a daunting task. Everyone knows about Udimi Solo Ads, But as fast as the market becomes saturated, looking for great Udimi alternatives might be just what you are looking for. If you don’t know what Udimi is, you can see this Udimi Solo Ad Review here. Plus use that link for a special discount!

Why Use Udimi Alternatives?

Udimi is probably one of the largest and most known solo advertising platform. With that said, especially for affiliate marketers, it is easy for the market to become saturated. Every day the same sellers blast the same promotions over and over which can make buyers numb. Numb buyers mean no optins or sales for you. Bad right? So switching it up with different platforms can help ensure fresh leads. If nothing else, it can help you diversify.

At GabeKillian.com, we want you to be able to find the resources you are looking for and help you build your business online. Getting the most out of your advertising dollar is a big portion of that. So below we have provided some of the best Udimi Alternatives for all your solo ad advertising needs!

Udimi solo ads alternative

Getting the Most Out of Your Solo Ad Campaign

Before just going out and blasting your first (or many) solo ad campaigns, its important to analyze your ad in detail.

Before we get to the alternatives, here is a list of things you’ll want to consider prior to buying solo ads.

  • Choose a solo ad seller with great reviews, opt-in rate and most importantly sales conversions.
  • Test your solo ad thoroughly to make certain your clicks won’t go to waste, along with a strong follow up campaign.
  • Ask the seller if they will review your landing page and email follow-up prior to placing the ad.
  • Split Test!
  • Use Udimi along with the other Udimi alternative websites. Diversifying your leads is key! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • If you don’t get results with the first list, try someone else. You may have everything in line, so it might be the seller just has a junk list they are using or an abused one.
  • The seller knows their list more than you do. If they have a recommendation, it may be in your best interest to listen.

Udimi Solo Ad Alternatives List

Below are the top Udimi alternatives for solo advertising to build your list and get sales.

Superior Solo Ads

Superior Solo Ads is ran by Shawn Askew, a well known e-mail marketer with a ton of experience in solo ad marketing. We chose to highly Superior Solo Ads for a number of reasons. Our first being their level of commitment to the performance of your solo ad. First off, they focus on over-delivery and maintaining high expectations in their campaigns. They will even look over your landing page and follow up campaign for you! To top it all off, the have a guarantee that is off the charts! They promise a 30% opt-in rate. Should they not achieve this, they will continue to promote your campaign until you get that opt in rate! The prices are more than fair and offer a top-tier options much like Udimi

Visit Superior Solo Ads Here

Winterplay Studios

Winterplay Studios offers a wide variety of marketing and advertising solutions. They offer everything from solo ads, link building campaigns, social media promotion and more. We’ve used a variety of their services and we are more than pleased with the results. Winterplay Studios are a “white-label” company that does a lot of business for high profile websites over the world. While their specialty is SEO services, they also work in affordable solo advertising. If you are looking for a good Udimi alternative Winterplay may be your place to go. In addition, if you need any other website promotion along with it, Winterplay might just have what you are looking for. Just visit their section called “Traffic Plans

Visit Winterplay Studios Here

Would you like to know more about Winterplay Studios and the services they provide? Check out our article Winterplay Studios Review – Scam or Legit.

10 Dollar Solo Ads

10 Dollar Solo Ads is unique in which they provide every customer with free ad copy included in every purchase. They are known for creating “highly targeted” campaigns in order to produce the best results for their clients. Unlike other solo ad companies, 10 Dollar Solo Ads use a subscription-based method in which they deliver your ad (that they or yourself create) to however many people you pay for. The price is extremely inexpensive however you pay per ad delivered vice clicks or opt-ins like other companies. Some may not like this concept, but the testimonials speak for themselves. You choose the amount of traffic and they do the rest.

Visit 10 Dollar Solo Ads Here

Fiverr Solo Ads

While Fiverr allows you do to just about anything “digital marketing” related including graphic design and link building, they also have solo ads much like Udimi. We’ve used Fiverr for a vast variety of services. Our motto is always “If we can’t do it as great as we want, hire someone to do it better”. With Fiverr you can search through a vast list of solo ad providers, all with reviews. This makes Fiverr a great Udimi alternative.

Along with just simply providing solo ads, Fiverr also provides a huge variety of services for just about anything you need as an entrepreneur. Whether you are involved in affiliate marketing or any other digital marketing venture, Fiverr has a service you can use. The prices range greatly on Fiverr in regards to their solos, so take your time and choose the one that resonates with you the most.

Visit Fiverr Here

Advertyze – Udimi Alternatives

Advertize solo ads are another subscription-based advertising platform in which you pay for how many prospects get mailed. For example, you can get their gold package for $99 a month which sends your email out to 10,000 prospective leads EVERY WEEK. You don’t pay per click, you pay for the email sent. They promise to deliver high-quality, spam free leads that are hungry buyers. Although not your traditional “pay-per-email-click”, Advertyze delivers a large amount of emails for a significantly lower cost.

Advertyze’s prices are very affordable which is why we consider them a great “Udimi Alternative” in the realm of solo ad buying.

Visit Advertyze Here

My Personal Udimi Seller List

As a bonus to the list of Udimi alternatives, I wanted to include my own personal list of the Udimi Sellers I use to promote my products. In the link below you can go and see who I use regularly as sellers and who have gotten the best reviews. One seller I highly recommend is Athan, every time we’ve used Athan, we continually get sales.

Like mentioned before, Udimi is a great solo advertising platform, but its also extremely important you diversify your traffic. Sometimes one seller’s email list gets attained through another sellers email list, thus recycling the same list over and over. The goal is fresh hot leads and hungry buyers.

Here is our personal recommended seller list from Udimi

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In Conclusion When Buying Solo Ads…

Whether you decide to only stick with Udimi or go with another Udimi Alternative like Winterplay or Superior Solo Ads, what is most important is having a great system in place. Solo ads aren’t just great for driving traffic and gaining leads. They are also great for testing your sales funnel and email follow up.

We highly recommend testing a few of these and find out what works best for you. If you get one that works way better than the others, then stick with that.

Also, if you find one of these works great for you OR you have another solo ad platform that you particularly like, we highly encourage you posting it in the comments below!

Solo ads are a fast and effective way to build a giant email list extremely fast. It is also a great alternative to other pay per click advertising like Bing and Facebook ads, and usually much less expensive.

It’s all about trial and error. Also conversely, if you have had a poor experience with any of these platforms, please also comment as such below. We want to keep our content up to the highest standards and will likely remove content if you have an ill-experience with any one of these.

To Your Success!

~ Gabe Killian

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