Click Funneling – The Secret Art of the Sales Funnel

Click Funneling might be the MOST important method to learn and use in your path to success and wealth in affiliate marketing or any online business. So what exactly is “Click Funneling”? Stay tuned because we are going to give you the down and dirty on sales funnels and how to use Click Funnels to supercharge your sales online.

Click Funneling

So What Exactly is Click Funneling?

If you have a product physical, digital or run a service online, chances are you’ve probably heard of programs such as ClickFunnels, Groove Funnels or any of the other funnel software online. To get the full idea of what click funneling is, we will have to use visual examples to grasp it in its entirety. In addition, we also will have to provide some key examples and show why it might possibly be the most important action you take for your online business.

Here is our previous blog post describing what is a click funnel too! In addition, you can also take this FREE Web Class by the Funnel-Master himself, Russell Brunson.

But without further adieu, let’s begin!

What is a click funnel

A Click Funnel or more accurately named “Sales Funnel”, consists of a multi-page sales approach to selling your product or service and also gather leads. While seemingly it just seems like a sales website or series of pages, it is really so much more and ultimately the most effective means.

The 4 Parts:

Within this concept, there are 4 main parts, but quite often more than that. We will go over each one and describe it’s importance.

The Squeeze Page or Landing Page

The landing page, which will most likely be a squeeze page is the first step in the sales process. The sole purpose of this page is to gather basic information from your visitor and prospective client. This is usually in the form of Name/Email address. Once your visitor provides this information, it gives you, the seller, an opportunity to follow up with your customer, provide further information or send them other products that may be of interest.

This page is usually the first page your customer will see when click funneling, so it must be highly effective, easy to read and be clear and concise, while still grasping your visitors attention.

squeeze page example

Above you can see an example of what a squeeze page looks like, you can see also the live version here. The squeeze page will generally provide something free, like an eBook, or training or audio in order to entice the visitor to continue to the sales page. This is done by providing something of significant value as a thank you for their attention and contact information.

The Sales Page

As one might imagine, this is where you show your customer your initial and main offer. The order page, just like everything else, should have a clear description of your product or service. It must also highlight not only the benefits of what you have to offer, but also “what” it will do to make your visitors life easier or more fruitful.

Your sales page should include everything “itemized” and easy to understand and it’s value should outweigh the price many times over. This is your chance to showcase your product or service, so it has to be hot!

Sales Page Example

Above we have an example of a “Sales Page”. The 2nd step in click funneling. You can see the live version here. Speaking of which, traffic secrets is a great book for anyone wanting to drive more traffic to their website. I personally have both the audio book and hardcover copy and have read it multiple times.

Anyhow… Let’s continue!

The Order Page

Like the name suggests, this is simply your order page where the customer inputs their billing information to purchase the products they were sold on. An order page can also include clickable “add-ons” that may help the purchaser get the most out of the product or service you are providing. For example, If you are selling an eBook, worth $27, then you may include an audio version of it for $9.97 in addition. We will go further in to this in detail when we talk about upsells.

order page example for click funneling

Above is an example of an order page. This particular one is a little different due to that it is also part of the squeeze that is on the sales page (yeah, it’s confusing to me too). But in this example, the sales page is used to gather the visitors information in which further down the sales funnel process, it will ask for payment information as well. Should it be a true order page, then it would include a payment method. But for the sake of examples, we thought this would suffice (I just wanted to put my disclaimer in there now).

The Thank You Page

This is the last stop in the sales funnel. You already have your customers contact information for follow up emails. You also have their order placed and should be on it’s way along with any upgrades they may have purchased. Now, it is time to thank them for their purchase and their trust. The thank you page not only provides you a chance to thank your customer and build a relationship, it also can instruct your customer on the next steps (if any) they need to take. For example, if their product was sent via email, you may need to direct them to check their inbox.

Thank You Page for a sales funnel

Above we can see an example of a thank you page. To put it simple, this is mostly created to add benefit and ease of mind to someone who just put their trust in you to provide them with a service and give them confirmation that their order has been completed.

Other Funnel Pages – Upsells/Unpackages

Other pages can and are often placed within the sales funnel. One example would be an upsell page. This page is where you can provide additional products for sale. These products should help your customer with the complete solution for their needs. Another example can be an unpacked, itemized version of your main product. If the price is too high, then maybe itemize it to make it affordable. One-Time-Offers – These are something you can give your customer that they will only have 1 chance to buy. Lastly, you can also give the customer different payment options. You can turn a one-time payment in to monthly, etc.

Is it a Website or a Process?

Well its both, or at least part of both. A funnel usually coincides within a website, but like anything else, it has to have a domain and hosting space. For example, this blog uses sales funnels, but not as a main source of content. Funnels, can be, but are often not content rich. The most successful funnels tend to be short and to the point. They say that “A confused customer always says no“. This is the whole idea about using click funneling as a means of getting your customer from point “a”, to “b”, to “c” and on.

With that being said, sales funnels are more of a tool than anything else. Plus there is one software tool on the web that does that better than anyone else, Click Funnels! ABC News did a report on them in 2019 and in 2021, they are bigger and better than ever. So many entrepreneurs have made their millions from CF and you can too. You can see the acclaimed One Funnel Away Challenge here!

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Click Funneling for Affiliate Marketing

If you are an affiliate marketer, Click Funnels is undoubtedly a MUST HAVE. It provides the best benefits and have made so many Millionaires, it’s unbelievable. When it comes to click funneling, then there are none better. They give you all the training, the software and the tools to turn your business in to a endless fountain of cash flow. This is why we use it and you should too!

Click Funnels is perfect for anyone with any sort of business online from selling Yoga Classes, to Supplements, to Business products and more.

It will allow you to build perfect attention-grabbing/ high-converting funnels in MINUTES! In addition it can be used in conjunction with a WordPress blog, Aweber or GetResponse or any other email autoresponder. They even provide domain services and hosting. It is literally the all-in-one solution for marketing.

The Click Funnels Affiliate Program

One of the best parts of using Click Funnels is their affiliate program for affiliate marketers. You can only get in to their affiliate program as a ClickFunnels user. And believe it or not, they will also buy you your dream car after only 100 sign-ups! How crazy is that?

It makes click funneling all that more exciting!

Not only do you use the program that is the best on the web, you can promote their products as well. And this program, is a very easy one to promote. Thousands upon thousands of digital marketers can’t be wrong.

Funnel Hacking Secrets – This FREE class teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know to beat your competition using funnels. This information alone is priceless and will benefit you in ways unimaginable. Did I mention FREE? Plus you’ll see how a multi-millionaire uses funnels to build an empire, step-by-step. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

5 Day Lead ChallengeFREE – Want to start building massive amounts of leads per day as a digital marketer? This 5 day lead challenge is also a free program and can get you up and running in no time flat.

DotCom Secrets Book – This FREE Book (just pay shipping), gives you an inside look on how to build your business online using Russell Brunson’s EXACT methods. It will teach you how he went from broke to being a multi-millionaire working online. This book is free too. You just pay a small shipping cost. I own this and have read it multiple times. I even own the audiobook!

If you were wondering, I have used all the products above and highly recommend them! Without a doubt, I am a huge fan of Russell Brunson. There really is nobody better in his business. Learning from him has made a huge impact in my life and I hope it can in yours too!

But don’t take my word for it, check out his free resources and see if Click Funnels is right for you.

How I use Click Funneling in My Business

For myself, I find it best to use funnels in conjunction with my blog, my YouTube channel and all my other social accounts. For example, my blog will often times link to a particular funnel I want my visitors to see. Usually some new or interesting product that I know will help them on their entrepreneurial journey.

I also use paid advertising like Facebook ads or Solo Ads and send traffic directly to my funnel to build my email list.

Word of Caution: Always send your paid traffic to your sales funnel and not your main web content. You’ll always want your paid traffic to start on your Squeeze page first and foremost. This will be the best and most effective use of your advertising dollars… Another benefit of using a funnel for internet marketing.

Once you have your setup complete you’ll be able to have a single source to pour all your traffic in to and it’s definitely one of the best ways to build your email list for email marketing.

You’ll find that using funnels is the most effective way to share your products and services in a manner that is user-friendly for your customer base.

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