Affiliate Marketing Secret Content Creation Formula

Want the most out of your content creation for affiliate marketing and all other digital marketing endeavors? Here are some content creation strategies you’ll want to use when making money online.

Affiliate Marketing Secret Content Creation Formula

What is Content Creation – The Truth (Part 1)

Way back in 2005, I had decided I was going to be an affiliate marketer and committed to creating my first website. I never even considered “what is content creation”. The idea that “I” could be a content creator and publish a website seemed extraordinary. I spent hours upon hours trying to get this whole “web-design” thing down. Even something as simple as FTP took me days to figure out. I was the epitome of complete newbie in every sense of the word!

Definitely, the struggle was real. But the idea of gaining wealth through web publishing and content creation seemed like the American dream! It wasn’t until over a month later, I had my first website! was going to be my greatest legacy and my path to wealth and success! I was so certain of it too! The website only had about 3 pages at the time with over a months worth of work. Painfully unoptimized and completely unfocused topics. I just wrote whatever.

You see, back then, you could make really great money from Google AdSense. People were making crazy money just slapping a bit of code on their website. So as a result, that’s what I was going to do. It was so easy too. The algorithm could just figure out what my website was about then I’d have ads displaying related content… too cool, right? I knew I had the formula for success and true wealth was in my grasp!

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The Wake-Up Call…

As you read this I am completely sure you knew what was going to happen to my ambitious dreams.

I had no:

  • Direction, Theme or Concept
  • Organized Plan
  • Sustainable Means of Monetization
  • Consideration of My Readers
  • Sustainable Method of Content Creation
  • Way to Find My Prospective Visitors
  • Manner of Content Syndication
  • Social Media Leverage
  • Attempt at Multimedia
  • Keyword Research or SEO

Literally every page was on a different topic. Looking back now, its laughable, but was a huge let down when I didn’t magically get 1000’s of visitors a day due to my content creation.

Digital Marketing Content Creation Growth Lesson 2:

So after my total flop of, I decided to try something else. I had to find something that I could compete in and something I was interested in… All while narrowing down my focus. I spent days jotting ideas down.

Until one day it hit me.

I am a dog lover and at the time I really wanted to get a puggle (You can see a puggle here). Anyhow, they are a pug/beagle mix and I really wanted one but could not afford one. So I did the next best thing. I made a website based on puggles called “”. Designer dogs were the up and coming thing back then and the competition was still fairly small (I think 24,000 results). I knew I could compete in this and I could write about it too.

Then to finish it off, I titled the website “When Puggles Attack! The Truth About Puggle Dogs!” The irony still makes me laugh. Although it was meant to be funny, it actually made people click out of curiosity. Only to find it was a website full of cute puggle puppies. And with the competition being so low, it drove traffic like wildfire!

It was then, after the success of that website the part of content creation started to sink in.

Ok, so let’s get in on the good stuff!

content creation secrets

Content Creation Secret #1: The Perfect Title

Titles are definitely underrated as they provide both heavy keyword/SEO weight and the first words that you potential visitor will see. Although there are many ways to make an awesome title, I usually stick with those two variables in mind:

  • Long-Tail Keyword-Rich – Your title must be centered along keywords that you can compete in and that you are aiming to rank in the search engines for. The least competition/highest traffic ratio is what you are going for. If you are trying to get some ideas, i suggest going to to help find some great keywords. It’s free and can get you started.
  • Eye Catching / Suspenseful Titles – More important than SEO and keyword research, it must draw your visitors attention. You don’t have to be 1st rank to get the most visits. You can be 2nd, 3rd or 4th, but if you have a title that catches peoples eye, then you’ll have the ultimate advantage. Remember, “When Puggles Attack! The Truth About Puggle Dogs”. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand eyes browsing your title if it doesn’t entice them to “click”!
skyscraper blog post for affiliate marketing

Secret 2: Make Every Post Count and Write BIG

Small posts might’ve been fine in 2010 in your affiliate marketing content creation, but the game has changed significantly. Today, bloggers and other content providers are trying their best to make the biggest, baddest, and most interesting content on the web. If you want to compete, you got to top even them!

Try keeping your content at least over 1000 words a page/post, but shoot for 2000-3000 or more! But it can’t just be fluff, it has to be meaningful and interesting. I’d rather make 2 or 3 large posts a week, then 7 or 8 small dog crap posts. You’ll notice this trend with the biggest digital marketing bloggers on the web. Why? Because it works and Google LOVES it! Plus, you’re highly much more likely to get someone to share your content due to it’s value of information.

recycle your digital marketing content

Secret 3: Recycle and Convert Your Content

Instead of writing for hours, if not days just to post it once, convert it in to something else! You can turn your blog post in to a video post or podcast simply by restructuring. Video marketing is a hugely significant form a traffic as YouTube is the 2nd largest used search engine on the web. If you are a video marketer, turn your video in to written content too. Make as much use of single content as you can by converting it to different forms. Want to make an eBook to give to your customers? Bundle up your best content in an easy-to-read PDF.

Content creation provides you with digital assets. It is literally digital real estate. It is true when they say “Content is King” because that is all the Internet really is, CONTENT.

One strategy I use, is that I will turn a blog post in to a video post on YouTube, then post my YouTube video on my blog. This creates a better user experience and another way for someone to find your YouTube channel. Then I will post a product, offer or lead magnet within my channel for people to consider.

This also works for emails too. If it is of value to your blog, it is also of value to send to your email list! Consider all the places you can use a single piece of content in.

social media marketing for affiliates

Secret 4: Socialize It

So you have the perfect content and now you need people to find it. Literally, post a link to it everywhere you can. You can use limitless Web2.0, bookmarking and social media sites to spread the word of your content. You can also re-write smaller forms of your content and post them to places like

Some of the ones I use are:

  • Reddit
  • Linkdin
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • And many more!

In addition, I try to grow all of my following over time, so that I get the best chance of eyes seeing my posts. Every post you write or every piece of content creation for affiliate marketing or some other form of online business should be created and served to the best of it’s ability. You never want to waste your time or your readers time. Make it awesome and share it with the world like your life depended on it. Your readers are looking for value, and you are trying to fix their problems as a digital marketer. Give them what they want!

Secret 5: Making a Money-Making Quilt

When it comes to affiliate marketing or any form of Internet marketing, you have to think of each webpage or post you create as a block of a quilt. Every post or page you create… every piece of content, whether it is video, audio or written, adds to that quilt. You’re objective as a digital marketer is to be able to drop a coin from a tall building and land it on that quilt. The bigger the quilt you build, the better your chances are of hitting it with the coin. Make your quilt huge to catch those coins!

I know it is an extremely weird analogy, but it’s true. a few small posts won’t catch you many visitors, thus won’t bring you much revenue. Expanding your digital real estate is the one thing you can do that is in your control as an affiliate marketer.

Your results won’t be seen right away, but they will build power over time. Eventually, they will become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Imagine every piece of content is literally money in your pocket. You can squander it, or you can make it work for you and spread it as far as you can. Because really, organic affiliate marketing isn’t free, it costs a lot of time and energy, so make the most out of every piece.

Secret 6: Take this FREE Class!

If you want to make the most of your content AND make the MOST amount of money from it possible, then take THIS CLASS! It’s the same methods that I and many other successful digital marketers use to turn their content in to recurring passive income.

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This class will enable you to write content that converts and allow you to implement it in any sales situation. In fact, you can take this information you use and create site content for other companies for thousands of dollars. I can’t express the level of value and the amount that it can change your life as a digital marketer. I’ve gone through it, and I definitely use it and you’d be crazy not to.

Summing It All Up

Having focus and direction with your content, making it of value, combined with a strong hook, some keyword research and some basic SEO tactics, pay off huge. You want to make your content better than those you compete with and aim to compete with a smaller pool. Each piece of content is an asset, and should be treated as such. Take that single piece of content and use it in any means you can (with regards to duplicate content).

If you have a new blog, they say about 80 pages of great content is the magic number to see significant traffic. They also say it takes 3 to 6 months to see great traffic come from a blog. Make this your starter goal, if not already there. As long as you are consistent, building links, posting on social media and writing the best content you can, nothing will stand in your way from success

Again, I highly recommend you taking this free class to learn how to convert your site to building leads and making sales. Also, visit here if you are wanting to learn more in an amazing affiliate marketing course!

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