What is a Click Funnel – Beginners Guide

You may see it all over the web but never really get the full answer. What is a click funnel? This beginners guide to sales funnels will explain exactly what it is, also known as a marketing funnel. We will show you from pipeline to purchase so stay tuned.

what is a click funnel

So exactly what is a click funnel? Is it a website? Is it a process? Well this is a question I get a lot. A click funnel is synonymous with sales funnel or marketing funnel. Click Funnels is actually the name of Russell Brunson’s product that allows you to create sales funnels.

So Exactly What is a Sales Funnel in Digital Marketing?

The clear answer is that it is a process or method, involving a type of website that helps syphon and direct your website visitors through your sales process. This can be done with almost any business, especially affiliate marketing. You’ve probably gone through one before, but never realized exactly what it was called.

So imagine a funnel and the funnel represents your sales or marketing process. They say a confused buyer always says know. So the idea is to bring traffic (your visitors), to your website, often in the form of a landing page or “squeeze page” and guide them through the sales process, stepping them up your value ladder.

But before I go in to the exact process of what a click funnel is, and go through all the steps, I want to talk about why they are crucial to your online business.


Why Do I Need A Funnel?

Before I get in to the processes of funnels, let’s talk about why they are so extremely important in todays digital marketing world. As an affiliate marketer and entrepreneur, I use Click Funnels like my life depended on it. So before we talk about what is a click funnel, it is important to know that you absolutely need one in todays digital marketing life.

See all those millionaires online? They all used funnels to promote and sell their products and here is why.

  • A proper funnel can help you identify your perfect target customer.
  • Funnels can not only help you make sales but build thousands of leads
  • They can guide your best potential clients through all your sales offers
  • They easily convert traffic to sales when properly implemented.
  • Funnels can be used in every online business, from affiliate marketing, information products, MLM and network marketing, for webinars and even brick and mortar businesses. EVERY Internet entrepreneur needs one!
  • They are the key component to almost every millionaire’s success online in recent years.
  • They simplify what was once an over-complicated process. A confused customer always says no.
  • If you are using ClickFunnels, it is super easy to use. A total newbie can use it (See more below).
  • Knowing what is a click funnel and using one can help increase your sales over 600%.
  • Your competitors are likely already using them!
how does a sales funnel work

So How Does a Sales Funnel Work?

What is the Sales Pipeline

Below we are going to describe the process of using a sales funnel and how they are implemented in the sales process. Now this is an over-simplified breakdown, but we hope it demonstrates the point.

First, your potential customer finds you through means of online advertising, whether it be Facebook ads, Bing Ads, AdWords, email marketing traffic or any traffic generation method. These are the next steps they would experience:

This is how click funnels works
  • Squeeze Page – Also known as a landing page adapted for capturing your visitors attention and enticing them to provide their information, usually email address and name. A squeeze page in a sales funnel needs to be concise, simple and provide them a reason to enter their information. After completing this step they would be directed to a…
  • Sales Page – The sales page provides them with your initial offer. This is what they came here to get. Your sales page should be easy to understand with a clear offer.
Add an additional Up-Sale’s page:
  • Up-Sell Pages – Between the Sales Page and Order Page (Sometimes even after the Order Page), you can introduce your customers to other related products and services to add to their order. This is usually something that would enhance the product they are already buying. This can be in the form of a premium membership, added tools/software, extensive guide or anything that is helpful.
  • Order Page – Like the name suggests, this is where your customer would put in their bank/credit card information and mailing address for their product to be shipped or downloaded. It’s just a simple order page. Just as everything else, this should be a simple and clearly defined process.
  • Thank You Page – You’ll want to thank your customer for the product they are receiving. This helps them build trust and a connection with you. Of course this is extremely important in the sales process for future business.

What is Click Funnels?

If you are wondering what is Click Funnels and whether you need it, the answer will always be a definite YES!

  • Myself and thousands of online business entrepreneurs use Click Funnels to simplify and automate the sales process. You don’t even need to know how to build a website, and can have a funnel up in minutes!
  • Click Funnels is a software tool that allows you to create almost every type of funnel out there in an easy step-by-step process. It also has the best customer support team I’ve ever experienced that will create videos for you if you ever get stuck.
  • Click Funnels also makes the process easier by integration. You can integrate ClickFunnels in any website, blog, payment portal and almost every email marketing autoresponder.
  • To build your sales funnel, they use a drag and drop method in which even a complete newbie will have no problem using.
  • You can get even your domain name and host it through ClickFunnels. It’s really a one size fits all process. That is really the beauty of ClickFunnels in general.

Plus there’s more…

  • Click Funnels it’s has it’s own “Netflix” like area where you can watch all sorts of training videos on everything from traffic generation, funnel building, email marketing, copywriting and much more. They have every speaker from Russell Brunson to Grant Cardone to even Frank Kern and Tony Robbins.
  • Click Funnels also comes with a load of templates at your disposal. No design necessary, because ClickFunnels has your template ready to go.
  • They can be used to generate leads, register people for events, create sales conversions and so much more. It is really limitless what happens when you learn “what is a Click Funnel” and how it works.

The Facts:

Having a sales funnel is also crucial if you plan on doing any paid advertising. You are going to want the best ROI (Return On Investment) that you can. Using a marketing funnel, you can rest assured you will be getting much better results than simply sending customers to your home page. It really helps you not waste any money and reduces advertising costs. Check out this post on Click Funneling and how it can work for you!

How to Make Money with Click Funnels (Sales Funnels)

How to make money with affiliate marketing and network marketing

Whether you are in affiliate marketing, network marketing, have an info product or service to sell, there is a funnel to fit your needs. You only need 3 things to get started:

  • Traffic Source
  • ClickFunnels
  • A Product to Sell (Someone else’s if you are an affiliate)

The Sales Pipeline

Traffic Sources – Your traffic source could be anything from Facebook Ads, to social media posts and blogging. Video platforms like YouTube also work great for driving traffic to your funnel. You can use your email list, (or if you need an email list, Click Funnels can help you with that). You can use a single traffic source or an array of them.

Personally, I recommend focusing on just one, until mastered, then move on to another source. Solo Ads like Udimi work great for testing out the funnels ability to convert traffic, plus can get you a lot of leads fast. Unlike traditional web pages, funnels usually need a separate traffic source because they tend not to rank well by themselves in the SERPS. However, you can harness the power of blogs, social media and video, if you are wanting free methods of traffic. Myself, I use all of the above!


Click Funnels provide an all-in-one solution for selling products online. What is a click funnel? They provide a step-by-step, drag and drop, method of creating funnels with a ton of pre-made templates to use. No hosting or domain? No problem! ClickFunnels has it all, up to and including blog integration, auto-responder integration for email marketing solutions like AWeber and so much more. This is an amazing platform and a must-have for any digital marketer today! Need to build a subscriber base? Easy Day! With ClickFunnels you can create enormous emails lists… and you know what they say “The money is in the list!”

A Product To Sell – Whether it is your product or service, or someone else’s you’d like to promote, you need something that can make you sales. As an affiliate marketer, you can use the landing page of your funnel to capture name and email addresses, send them to your affiliate link via ClickFunnels then follow up with your email autoresponder. That way you build your list and make both front and back-end sales.

But you can really sell anything with a funnel, However, I have found that information products and services (eBooks, Videos, Group Subscriptions) work best.

All Put Together…

Once you have a source of traffic, a funnel to send them too, using all the components of a funnel, a product and follow up emails, you have a recipe for a successful campaign. All the components need to be in place, however, if you want serious conversions.

I highly suggest in getting Funnel Training or get a book on how to make a funnel that converts sales. Once done, you have the perfect setup for a sales pipeline that will bring you leads and sales over and over.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson of DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets and co-developer of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson “The Funnel Guy” is an entrepreneur, writer, expert marketer and the co-owner of ClickFunnels. His net worth is over $40 Million and ClickFunnels is worth over $360 Million. He is well known for the books DotCom Secrets, Traffic Secrets and Expert Secrets. Russell Brunson is with ClickFunnels has helped make over 200+ people millionaires and the number keeps rising. You can learn more about Russell Brunson here. Today, he continues to grow his empire and dedicates his time to training people on the art of funnel hacking, a term to describe the art of breakdown and emulation of funnels that work. Nobody better than him to tell you what is a click funnel and how to make it convert.

My Recommendations – Actually Super Recommend!

First of all, let me tell you I am an all-out fan of Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels. I own and have read (multiple times) his 3 main books. In addition, I am a proud member of ClickFunnels and use it almost daily. On top of it all, I usually go through any one of his programs he puts out. You will gain a wealth of knowledge and shear gold in his trainings. Anything that Russell Brunson puts out is a flat-out investment.

DotCom Secrets (2nd Edition) – This is Russell Brunson’s book on his secret funnel strategies that you can use to create high-performing, high-converting funnels, creating limitless sales. I have both the hardback and audio book of this, and have read it mulitple times.

Traffic Secrets – This book describes his evergreen methods (methods that can stand the test of time and never outdated) of driving insane amounts of traffic to your funnels. Like DotCom Secrets, I have both hardbound and audio version of this book.

Expert Secrets – The 3rd book in the “Secrets” series. This is the underground playbook for converting your online visitors into lifelong customers.

Russell Brunson also provides a lot of Sales Funnel training, which if you’re smart you’ll want to take advantage of:

FREE Funnel Hacking Secrets Autowebinar – If you haven’t done this free training, now is the time to do so. Russell Brunson will show you the ins and outs of using Funnels and quickly turn you in to a funnel-hacking monster! Again, this is some of his free training! – Do This Class!

The One Funnel Away Challenge – This is where they have you learn to do your first, or next perfect funnel, up and running in the next 30 days or less. Also, extremely great training.

And last but not least, we have 2 Comma Club Live Streaming Event, this is a 3 day event going on in May, and I highly suggest you take part. I know I will!

Click Funnels Pricing 2021

So at the time of writing this, the basic cost for access of ClickFunnels is $97 a month. It’s well worth the price. But for a limited time you can get their upgraded Platinum Bundle here (worth $297 a month) and a whole lot of free extra bonuses at a huge discount. In consideration of the click funnels pricing you not only get access to the software, it comes with unbeatable digital marketing training that you can’t get anywhere else.


So now we know what a Click Funnel is and how it is used in marketing. I wanted to make sure you saw every step in the process and give you additional resources to build your business to its full potential. In addition I have used my affiliate links in my recommendations, but I hope you found the information of value and use them as a courtesy. I truly believe in these products, and yes, many of them are actually free.

If you have experience in using Funnels, or have questions, please comment below. I’m always looking for great input from other entrepreneurs like myself.

Until Next Time,

~ Gabe Killian

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