10 Tips for Dealing with Affiliate Marketing Burnout

You know the feeling, right? Affiliate marketing burnout, aka digital marketing frustration aka entrepreneurial anxiety, is real. When you put in hours and hours of work in to your affiliate marketing business. You do all the right things (as far as you know), and put in so much effort. This is an every day/night process and you rarely get any sleep. Spend thousands of dollars promoting your business with advertising and wrote content like a maniac. Just when you feel you’ve made head-way, then all of a sudden you realize your efforts made little to no difference.

dealing with affiliate marketing burnout

Coping with Digital Marketing Frustration

Trust when I say this is a normal feeling. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve felt the affiliate marketing burnout and frustration that comes along with this business. I’ve created “mega-sites” that I spent months on, only to see no results (or even end up in the hole).

The struggle is real, my friend. This holds even more weight if you are trying to compete in a very competitive industry. It can feel next to hopeless at times and you feel like you’ve been playing the stock market and lost everything. You have family that relies on you to make a credible and stable income. Maybe, you have rent or a mortgage payment coming up. Chances are, you might be questioning if you really made the right decision at all, when you feel this way.

Is there a way out? What do I do next?

I’m writing this post because it is something we all experience. You can take solace in the fact that even the most successful entrepreneurs quite often have these moments. Whether it is affiliate marketing or Internet marketing in general, you got to have nerves of steel to get through it… That’s why I applaud all of you who experience this. It takes a different kind of animal to be able to endure it!

Coping with Digital Marketing Frustration

So how does one cope with and deal with affiliate marketing burnout and overall digital marketing frustration?

Let’s discuss methods that I’ve used and other’s experiences that may help you get over this nasty “bump-in-the-road” called doubt.

1. You’re Not Alone!

This is not something new. In addition, it may be helpful to know that many others, like yourself, experience this. In fact, most affiliate marketers / Internet marketers / entrepreneurs go through this. It doesn’t matter if you are a copywriter, email marketer, blogger, vlogger or any of the above. In fact, Forbes magazine did a whole article on Entrepreneurial Anxiety. Stress leads to frustration, frustration leads to anxiety and therefore, anxiety leads to burnout. Knowing that you experience the same things that most entrepreneurs go through as an affiliate marketer or any form of digital marketer can help provide some comfort.

2. Acknowledgement

Acknowledging how you feel is so important and really is the first step in dealing with affiliate marketing burnout. I say affiliate marketing burnout, but that is to say all entrepreneurial burnout, anxiety and frustration. Being able to identify that, due to your online business, you are beyond stressed, unable to sleep, but suffering from total exhaustion is crucial. Once you pinpoint the reason your burnout and/or anxiety exists, you can then start to manage it and see it for what it really is.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Step Back

I know this sounds backwards, but if you are suffering from affiliate marketing burnout and/or anxiety, sometimes the best thing to do is just take a step back. Keep in mind, this is only to be momentary. You aren’t giving up, you are just allowing yourself to be objective rather than subjective and giving your brain and soul the space it needs. Myself, I get a little obsessive at times with digital marketing… Always something else to do, right? But when I feel burned out, it’s a sign that I need to recharge my batteries. When you burn out, you stop loving what you do. Therefore, it is better to ease the reins a bit, just for a little while.

4. Creation/Learning Balance

Success usually comes from results, and lack thereof creates stress, anxiety and burnout. Results can usually be attributed to a balance of knowing what to do, and doing it. Some people spend all the time creating content, etc., but not enough time learning the trade and vice versa. If you are creation heavy, you may want to take a break and learn something new about your job. I highly recommend this affiliate marketing course if you want to break through that wall. Conversely, if you spend too much time learning and not enough time taking action, you’ll also find yourself full of anxiety and stress. You need to know EXACTLY what to do, and then DO IT. This will most certainly spark life back in to your affiliate marketing enthusiasm.

5. Affiliate Marketing Burnout? – Block it Up

Instead of grinding non-stop, try spacing out your Internet marketing goals! In my daily process, I will contribute 1-3 hours of work. Once I get to the point where I need to break away (writer’s block or something similar), I do something else I enjoy. Sometimes I’ll go to the gym, watch a favorite show, clean the house or play a game. I space my day out in chunks and it keeps me feeling a lot more mentally healthy at the end of the day. This is even more true when partaking in a large scale project.

6. Entrepreneurial Anxiety? Have Manageable Project Goals

Blocking it up is great, but it is even more satisfying when you block it up and see your goals accomplished. Small successes and progression always help cure burnout. In the 10x Rule, Grant Cardone (one of my heroes), describe making your goals way beyond belief. While it’s great to shoot for the stars, however, it may not help your stress levels. While I side with Grant on making things big, if you are suffering from affiliate marketing burnout, it’s probably best to make your goals definitely reachable. One good goal, is just create a piece of content each day, no matter how big or small. Then contribute 1 hour to learning each day. This way you will see continuous growth and feel satisfied at the end of the day. Again, want some ways to grow? Click here to really grow your earnings and yourself.

7. Give Yourself the Evening – Slow Down Early

Ok, so this one I really feel. I have a huge tendency to write until 2 or 3 a.m. only to wake up at 5 a.m. or earlier to start my day. As a result, I get stuck in this pattern that eventually lead me to burnout. My suggestion… Pick a time to cut yourself off each day, preferably a couple of hours before bed. Give yourself that time and do something that relaxes you and calms your mind. Nothing is worse having your mind race for hours while in bed. Have some herbal tea, take a warm bath, go for a run… whatever it takes calm your mind, body and soul. This will also allow you to get more rest, thus lowering your stress, anxiety and burnout. This is something I still struggle with. I am a chronic insomniac, but every day I am trying to be more mindful of it and taking action.

8. Affiliate Marketing Burnout Extreme? Breathe.

Being mindful and practicing meditation or deep breathing exercises can help with any sort of stress. Make sure you take time out of the day to do things like pray, meditate or just simply breathe in and out while focusing on only that. Nothing says “cure burnout” more than practicing relaxation exercises to recharge your drive and ambition. If you are a religious person, the act of praying may significantly reduce the feeling of uncertainty that often comes with affiliate marketing and all other types of online business.

9. Spend Some Time in Nature (AWAY From the Computer!)

This kind of goes along with number 8, but we feel it deserves it’s own bullet point. Stepping away from the computer and just going for a walk outside or at a park can really put things in perspective. This holds true especially if you’ve been overburdened and stressed out. Stepping away from the computer, as an affiliate marketer, allows you to clear your head and take time out to enjoy the things that really matter. In the end, money comes and goes. You’re work will come and go too. Taking that time out can leave you feeling refreshed, clear and ready to get back in to the game!

10. Affiliate Marketing Burnout Fact – Money Takes Time

If you are currently stressed about your website not ranking, waiting for traction to pick up, don’t worry! Affiliate marketing efforts take time and rarely ever show immediate results. Don’t psych yourself out thinking you’re going nowhere. Results can and will happen – You just have to be patient! If you are applying the knowledge, creating good content and being consistent, it will eventually pay off. Hell, blogs can take up to a year before seeing significant traffic… But when they do, they are a force to be reckoned with. Have faith in your actions and remember what you are here for. Keep the end result in mind in every step. You may feel the stress and anxiety now, which is leading to getting burned out, but remember: You’re doing the work now, to reap the benefits later! We tend to give up right before crossing the finish line. If you do, you’ll never see that dream fulfilled. Know that every step you make and all that effort just takes time to manifest in to what you are really striving forward. As in the word of Finding Nemo “Keep Swimming”!

Entrepreneurial Anxiety – The Takeaway

Know this is a natural process and it will pass. We all get that sick feeling in our gut sometimes where it zaps our energy and we feel we can’t move forward. Remember where you are going and stay determined to make it there. Most importantly, be good to yourself! You are your most important asset! Getting enough rest and relaxation is crucial. If you don’t take care of yourself and your overall well being, your success potential will reflect that. You may not see immediate results, but don’t let it get you down. Every word you type, every second of video you record, every ounce of effort you put in will provide you with some positive effect in the future.

Remember, “Keep Swimming”!

So what do you think? Do you have ways that you deal with all the stress of having an online business as an entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below!

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All the best,

~ Gabe Killian

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