12 Minute Affiliate Review – System Scam?

What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System? Does it work and is it legit or is 12 Minute Affiliate a scam? We will take an in-depth look in this 12 Minute Affiliate review and give you all the details on whether or not this program holds its own weight.

12 Minute Affiliate Review

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a plug-and-play software system. This system automates the process of affiliate marketing with a follow-up leads system. The first thing you notice when visiting the site is the large amount of testimonials. The website is easy to read and clearly defines their system. In addition, the numbers they provide make sense, therefore it’s not too terribly hard to believe in such a system. In this 12 Minute Affiliate review, we will get in to just what makes this program different from the rest.

Devon Brown – Creator of 12 Minute Affiliate System

Devon Brown of 12 Minute Affiliate System
12 minute affiliate system review
Here Devon Brown is seen with entrepreneur all-stars Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson

Who is Devon Brown and does his credentials add up? Devon Brown is a 7-figure marketer who has made a big name for himself in the affiliate marketing/Click Bank industry. Devon, (Pronounced Duh-Von) is a speaker, entrepreneur, event MC and former hip-hop dancer. His story is much like many self-made entrepreneurs out there… rags… to riches…. to rags… to more riches. He was originally from Miami, Florida and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His affiliations alone (see photo above) attest to his marketing knowledge and ability to make a great product. Now we know who Devon Brown is, we can therefore continue our 12 Minute Affiliate review.

12 Minute Affiliate Review – What is it?

So affiliate marketing can be a cut and dry system, right? And for the average newbie, it can be pretty daunting at times. What we found in this 12 Minute Affiliate review was that they really cover all the bases. So your normal affiliate marketing system would be.

  1. Drive Traffic
  2. Put Product in Front of Customer (Ad to Funnel)
  3. Make Commissions!

So the 12 Minute Affiliate System pin-points the various short-comings this method and literally makes it plug and play. They use a method called “Pizza System” where you can order hungry traffic through their software with a click of a button. It’s called Pizza System, because it’s supposedly as easy as ordering a pizza.

Next, they provide you with a plug-and-play sales funnel to direct this ordered traffic to. This is integrated with AWeber or other email marketing auto-responder services. This then captures your leads name and email address. Then they have a built-in follow-up system that sells 7 different products over the course of the email campaign. 12MA acknowledges that most people don’t buy from the 1st viewing of a product and this system aims to rectify that. Simply sit back and make money while you sleep. That is what we like most in this 12 Minute Affiliate review!

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate System Work?

This system is a series of “Done-For-You” sales funnels, which promote numerous items that they provide. You don’t have to build a website or have your own product. All these items have been split tested over and over to ensure quality and the ability to convert to sales. Next it is integrated with an auto-responder service. Next, they have a push-button system where you pay for the traffic you want on a sliding scale. We assume this is much like a “solo ad” system like Udimi. Next, they have a series of well-optimized email campaigns that allow you to “set it and forget it”. Over the course of a few months, every day a new email comes out promoting the products and you get the commission.

But Does it Really Work?

Devon Brown isn’t known for making a bad product. In addition he is endorsed by many top professionals in his field. Above all else, his sales copy is loaded with testimonials of people using his system. The amount people are earning is really impressive too. Just see below!

12MA testimonial
12 minute affiliate testimonial 2
12ma testimonial 3

We could literally flood this 12 Minute Affiliate review full of testimonials, but we think you get the idea.

What are the Main Program Benefits?

Glad you asked! There are a ton of benefits to joining this program and this 12 Minute Affiliate System review is sharing them all.

  1. No Making Your Own Product.

2. No Building Your Own Websites.

3. Zero Techie Stuff.

4. Super Easy to Set Up and Fast.

5. No Huge Barriers to Entry.

6. Zero Prior Experience Needed.

7. No Figuring Out Payments

8. You Don’t Have to Provide Customer Support

EVERYTHING is done for you! The best part is, once you set it up (which is extremely fast and easy), then you literally sit back and make affiliate commissions. Therefore this is the perfect program for both newbies and professionals alike.

This is What is Included:

DFY Funnels (Value: $2,240) – No HTML or coding needed. These funnels are made with performance in mind in million-dollar industries and are made to convert customers in to profits. They are directed in the hottest and most profitable niche markets.

DFY Emails (Value: $3,200) – Included you get MONTHS worth of follow-up emails. Also all emails are professionally written are tested to provide results! Therefore, you don’t need to hire a professional copywriter. These emails get conversions. You make the money and you don’t do the work.

12 Minute Setup – You get the complete setup in only 12 minutes. Their simple step-by-step instruction makes it easy for anyone to have their business up and running in no time. Therefore, your system is truly plug and play.

EZ Funnel Wizard Setup (Value: $97/Month) – Similar funnel creating software costs $97 a month. EZ Funnel Wizard is simple and fast and easy to do. You’ll have your funnel up in as fast as 5 minutes.

Private Community (Value: $97/Month) – You get access to your own private community. Also, FREE personal trainings and masterminds. This is invaluable to any aspiring entrepreneur! Therefore, you’ll always have a life-line.

Done For You Traffic – You choose your budget and they do the rest and it’s as easy as ordering a pizza. Traffic is the hardest part of most affiliate marketing systems. Here you get it done for you. Also, its just a single push-button method.

More Bonuses?

This 12 Minute Affiliate review really had to list all the bonuses, they’re quite impressive. Also, along with the initial package you get $1,590 in FREE Bonuses to sweeten the deal.

Bonus #1 – The Success Library ($497 Value). – You get full access to a full set of personal development training. Not too shabby, right?

Bonus #2 – Free Traffic Guide ($97 Value). – This guide gives you 15 different methods of driving traffic to your website. A truly useful tool.

Bonus #3 – HOT Product Promos ($997/Year Value!) – 12 Minute Affiliate System has partnered with some of the creators of the hottest products/services. Normally these are off-limits to newbies but every 12MA member will have full access to promote these special offers therefore, make even more money.

That’s a total of $7031 in Savings! (Plus, $194/Month)

You can already see why we love the 12 Minute Affiliate System in this 12 Minute Affiliate review. But there is even more and it’s a special bonus!

Even Another Bonus?

So we thought this was super cool and had to include it in our 12 Minute Affiliate review!

Just for trying it ou, they will literally pay for a FREE vacation of your choice 12 Locations!

12 minute affiliate vacations

Crazy right? They are that confident in their system and the quality of product. Therefore, they are certain you’ll want to stay with them.

12 Minute Affiliate Price

Pricing for 12 Minute Affiliate System is better than you’d imagine for a product such as this. Try the system for 14 Days Risk Free for only $9.95. If you like it, keep it at a 76% Lifetime Discount for less than $1.60 a day! People waste 3x that much on their daily Starbucks. The price of 12 Minute Affiliate System, we feel is more than fair, it’s a steal.

Also, you get an additional 60-DAY Money Back Guarantee!

Our Final Take on 12MA?

In this 12 Minute Affiliate review, we’ve discussed the benefits, the amazing bonuses and the risk-free trial. We feel it is easy to see the value of this program also. Between the ease-of-use, brand recognition and their ability to provide results, we can assess the program as being legit and 12 minute affiliate is definitely no scam. Therefore, we highly recommend buying the product and giving it a try yourself. Also, if you have experience with 12MA, we would love to hear from you in the comments!

Get 12 Minute Affiliate System HERE

Let us know what you think! Cheers!

~ Gabe Killian

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