Udimi Review and Solo Ad Discount Coupon

Udimi Review and Solo Ad Discount Coupon

Udimi solo ads are a type of advertising that is commonly used instead of, or in conjunction with other paid advertising like Facebook ads or Google AdWords ads. This Udimi review will get you well acquainted with Udimi and advertising with solo ads. Solo ads are a convenient and cost-effective means of advertising your affiliate products.

Plus we are going the extra mile and giving you a $5 Coupon to try out Udimi!

Udimi Review: What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads, like the one in this Udimi review, often utilize traffic from individual marketers. They often harness leverage from others email lists to yours. This makes it a great way to build your email list. It’s also quite cost effective! The best part is that with solo ads, you can make great money and build a huge email list super fast. Solo advertising is PPC and you pay for it in bulk, up front. So you can get, let’s say 300 clicks for $150 or whatever the seller offers.

So why use a solo ad over other PPC advertising

They provide the fastest results.

Often less expensive than other PPC ads.

You pay for it upfront and then sit back.

You often choose your advertiser

Your solo advertiser can help warm up your audience.

This Udimi review will explain the benefits further, so stay tuned! You can use solo’s by themselves and you can also use them with other PPC advertising. Personally, I believe in both. I also feel paid and free advertising is essential. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket. I made this mistake a long time ago. Ok, so back to my Udimi Review!

Again, you can pick up your Udimi Discount Code using this link!

Udimi solo ad review and coupon

Is Udimi Legit or a Scam?

Udimi is definitely not a scam and very legit. I’ve used Udimi plenty of times and I can attest to this. If you want to build your list or fast results then Udimi is your site!

Thousands of people use Udimi every day and is one of the most reputable solo ads companies online. With Udimi, you can buy with trust. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be giving Udimi this review! (unless it was a negative review, but you would know that by now). But for the record, Udimi is definitely legit and far from a scam. However, I want you to read this in it’s entirety and things to watch out for!

In this review I am also going to show you screenshots, best practices and what to watch out for to get the most out of your Udimi solo ad!

Udimi Solo Ad Benefits:

Here is why you should Udimi as your choice for advertising

  • You Choose Your Seller – Udimi has a list of sellers and all their stats! You can see all their reviews! You’ll will know if their list has made sales, how many people have bought and if they are recommended by others. This let’s you pick the best seller for you.
  • You Pick Your Clicks – Udimi let’s you decide how many clicks you want to buy from the seller you choose. This gives you control of your budget.
  • Over Delivery/Bonuses – Udimi sellers often provide over-delivery (FREE CLICKS!). I usually get 10-15% added clicks after a campaign. This is awesome.
  • Discounts! – Above the discount provided in this Udimi review! Udimi loves discounts and their sellers do to. You can search a list of sellers providing promotions and great deals. Provide a rating and you’ll get $5 per review.

Udimi Review: More Solo Ad Benefits:

  • Simple – Simply add your landing page or affiliate link and they do the rest. Udimi will also store your landing page link for all future campaigns.
  • Good communication – Communication between you and the seller is easy and important. Simply message your seller and await a reply. I write every single one of my sellers to see if my product fits their list. This way I can get their recommendations
  • Click Filter – They use a sophisticated click filter that weeds out potentially bad clicks or “bot” clicks to ensure you are getting your monies worth.
  • Social Network – Udimi provides you with a social network/friend system and forum. This allows you to connect with buyers and sellers alike. Add your favorite seller as a friend and/or favorite them for future campaigns.
  • Great with Click Bank – Udimi solo ads work great with Click Bank landing pages.
  • Free Landing Page Editor and integration. – Don’t have a landing page? Because they have a free landing page builder and its super easy to use, you’ll never have to worry.
  • Plus so much more! It’s easy to use because it is extremely buyer friendly. Therefore, this is the reason I use Udimi.
  • Mobile App – Yes, Udimi even has a mobile app because you sometimes need that traffic on the go.

Udimi Review: Disadvantages

Here are the drawbacks to using Udimi versus other PPC advertising.

  • List Freshness – Most often you get fresh and warm subscribers, but sometimes sellers have over-used and abused lists that they use. This can be solved by contacting them and inquiring about it. Also, sometimes if their stats are not good, I stay away. If people report sales, then you’re probably safe. Sometimes I like using the newer sellers because chances are their list is fresh.
  • Not as controlled – Ads like Bing/AdWords/Facebook provide you a great amount of control which is lacking in solo ads. You’ll have to have trust in your seller and their marketing skills. The good news is, sometimes you’ll get a better email marketer than you are who has a list full of hungry buyers!

My Personal Udimi Seller List:

>>> Click Here for a list of my recommended Sellers!

The above list are the sellers I have used and gotten great results with. Yes, I am sharing my personal list with you 🙂 You can thank me later!

Udimi Solo Ad Review: Best Practices

Bigger Isn’t Always Better – Sometimes the newer sellers have fresher email lists or are just new. Don’t penalize them because they don’t have 3,456 positive reviews. I’ve gotten many buyers this way and really expanded my email list.

More Expensive isn’t Always Better – Yes, this sometimes holds true, but I’ve had great luck with sellers who sell at a discount too.

Look for “Made Sales” – If a seller is getting reviews where they report making sales, that may mean that your seller is great at what he or she does.

Use Tier 1 Traffic Option – “Top Tier” or “Tier 1” means you are getting your ads delivered to English speaking countries. If the clicks come from someone who can’t understand what you are selling, then its likely a waste of money. This option costs a little more but it’s worth it. Conversely, if the seller already promotes mainly tier 1 traffic, then you can save money by not selecting that option.

Read buyer Reviews – The best way to gauge how your ad will turn out is to look what other people are saying. Udimi Reviews provide good insight and can help you save money.

Provide Udimi Reviews – You’ll get a $5 discount for every “post delivery” review you give, therefore saving money.

>>> Again, here is my list of recommended sellers that I use and have gotten results<<<

Udimi Solo Ad Discount Coupon Code

As promised, here I will provide you with my Udimi discount links. These work for new Udimi customers only and therefore can only be used once. Once you start with Udimi, you’ll receive many more coupons too.

What is Udimi Prime? As a Udimi Prime member, you’ll have access to even more features and will help you with your solo ad success. I highly recommend this option if you want to use Udimi a lot. I added this info in here because I want you to get the most from Udimi. Udimi premium also has a stronger click filter and will help you get better quality clicks, therefore saving you money. That is why I highly recommend getting premium in my Udimi review.

How to Use Udimi Solo Ads

Below I will post a few screenshots (and likely a video soon), that will give you some insight and the ability to see how Udimi works.

udimi solo ad review

Above and to the left shows the sellers profile and when they were last online. The center text tells you they are a verified seller, what niche they promote and their seller description. The right shows their cost, the percent of buyers that made sales and their “thumbs up/thumbs down” Udimi review. They also have a 5-1 star rating options which may give you more detailed insight.

solo add discount code

On the Solo Deals tab you can see all the promotional and discount deals the Udimi sellers are providing. This also displays how many orders they have processed.

for email list building

On your order screen you can also see your traffic (clicks), how much and where it came from. This particular seller, who is on my recommended seller list (Athan) provided me with all top tier traffic and I ended up making a lot of sales from this campaign.

How to use Udimi solo ads

Here it shows my landing page link, my filters and how many visitors I want. All you have to do is make your selection and add to cart. You can pay either by PayPal or credit card.

Once you get started you’ll know how to use Udimi solo ads in no time.

Udimi Alternatives for Solo Ads?

Personally, I believe whole-heartedly in diversifying my advertising using multiple platforms to gain visitors. As a result, I use other solo ad platforms to help ensure I’m not getting the same recycled email list over and over.

So I’ve compiled a list of Udimi Alternatives which you can check out. All are highly recommended and we’ve had great success with.

Check out our Udimi Alternatives here.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Udimi review and I hope you take advantage of my personal solo ad sellers and my Udimi discount coupon code. I know you’ll be impressed by Udimi and build your email list fast while making a ton of money in the meantime!

To your success, and see you at the Top!

~ Gabe Killian

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