VidIQ Review -YouTube SEO and Keyword Research

VidIQ Review YouTube SEO and Keyword Research

Do you really need VidIQ for SEO and keyword research on YouTube? This VidIQ review goes in to great depth about how this extension software works. Is VidIQ worth it?

VidIQ Review – For YouTube SEO

Just like, YouTube has its own algorithm that ranks it’s videos in such a manner that some will make it big-time and some videos will fade in to nothing. VidIQ, a software extension, that works on Chrome and Firefox, claims to help YouTube videos rank better within the search engines.

As an affiliate marketer, or any type of digital entrepreneur, it is easy to see why a piece of software like this might be extremely valuable. But does it really work? In this VidIQ review, I will discuss how it works and why. So pay attention, you’ll want to learn more about this!

YouTube Keyword Research - VidIQ

YouTube Keyword Research

The first thing you’ll notice about VidIQ is that it loves to recommend keywords and phrasing for your videos and channel. In addition, VidIQ does keyword research based on other top ranking videos in the same niche. This gives you an extreme advantage over your competition and allows you to use it to your advantage. The keyword research goes one step further also. It gives you a score on your ability to rank for the keywords they provide.

Believe me when I say I am not bias in this review of VidIQ. This is a software I have used to outrank many of my competitors and get first page rankings.

Below is a screenshot of how the plugin looks on your YouTube channel. The software provides highly valuable analytics and a score for each section.

VidIQ for YouTube Keyword research and SEO
Here you can see some of the functions of VidIQ for keyword research and SEO!

Not only does it find the keywords your competitors are using, it does a superb job at recommending keywords with the highest potential for views. And if you are an affiliate marketer or influencer, you know that viewers = revenue. You can already see where this VidIQ review is going and how it works, right?

For more on VidIQ, Check it out here:

If you’ve been working online for any amount of time, you know that keyword dominance is vital. Not only does it provide the research, VidIQ will also suggest the best long-tail keywords for any video you want to promote on YouTube.

VidIQ for YouTube SEO 2021
VidIQ Review – Does full YouTube SEO analytics

YouTube SEO using VidIQ

So here is the embarrassing truth. I’ve always been a website/blog guy and barely skimmed the world of video for many years. I decided that one day, I was leaving a wealth of money on the table and only recently started my YouTube channel.

So I got VidIQ as a recommendation from a fellow entrepreneur and YouTuber, and with little to no experience (but a lot of general SEO experience), I was able to get 1st page rankings with my keywords overnight. If that isn’t powerful, then I don’t know what is.

See what this VidIQ Review is about here.

This SEO tool for YouTube literally tells you step-by-step what you need to do in order to rank as high as you can within the YouTube search results. It is so much easier to rank in YouTube than it is for Google (coming from a blogger). It’s not only easier, its 100x faster. There are so many opportunities to be had in Video, and YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. That is what makes VidIQ so important and a must have.

Knowing how to properly perform search engine optimization on YouTube is a millionaires dream come true… and this extension does it!

VidIQ Pricing – How Much Does VidIQ Cost?

Good news my fellow entrepreneurs. VidIQ has 4 different price levels and the first is starting with FREE. Yes, you can use VidIQ completely free, however you miss out on some really cool and needed features if so. For myself, I would highly recommend getting “Boost” or “Pro”, with “Pro” being the most chosen option with the best features for the price. They even have a higher version than that which involves free coaching!

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So without a doubt, this tool is by far a MUST HAVE, especially as an affiliate marketer. If you aren’t making use of YouTube as a marketing platform, then you are leaving money on the table.

Make sure you keep this tool under your belt as it will lead to so much money in the future. Not only money, but wonderful exposure for your brand.

If you are in to making money online, sign up for the report above! It will show you how to make the most of VidIQ and how to make literally insane amounts of cash online as an affiliate marketer!

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So that is my review on VidIQ… obviously, I get a little excited about it.

I know it works, and I have seen the results, with someone with little to no experience on YouTube.

If you haven’t done so yet, Get VidIQ here.

See you all at the Top!

~ Gabe Killian

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