2 Ways to Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

With No Website Using Click Bank

2 Ways to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing with No Website Using ClickBank

So if you are wanting to make money online with affiliate marking with no website using Click Bank, it is a rather easy thing to do. There are a lot of ways to do this, but here we are going to talk about only 2. As a disclaimer, I wouldn’t use this as a business model, but if you are short on a budget and time, these are a couple ways to make some money.

  1. Get a Click Bank account. Getting a Click Bank account is an easy process. Simple go to Click Bank and sign up. You’ll want to go to your dashboard and create a account nickname. You can choose whatever nickname you want, just make it easy to remember. I usually go with my name or initials/name. Once you have your nickname you can go through the affiliate market place and find vendors that are promoting something you have interest in. From there, click promote, then get your “hoplink” url. This is your affiliate link you will use throughout this tutorial.

Method 1: Fiverr / Udimi Combination

So you don’t have a website and/or you don’t know or want to make one yourself. This first option is a fairly inexpensive method you can use to make some quick sales online as long as they can convert.

  1. Go to Fiverr and outsource someone to create a landing page for you. There are all sorts of content producers that you can commission to make a “converting” landing page for your hoplink url. Find someone with a lot of good reviews. Fiverr is an extremely inexpensive way to to have someone build a website for you.

2. Once completed go to Udimi where you will want to find someone willing to promote a solo ad for you. Just like Fiverr, there are a ton of people to choose from. I would go with someone who has a lot of great reviews. Next I would message them with your landing page or link to see if their email list would be a good fit for your product. They don’t want a bad review so they will likely be more honest with you.

3. Once you’ve decided on a solo ad, purchase and wait. This is also a good way to test the conversion of your landing page and product you are promoting. If it converts well, you can consider using other ad platforms like Facebook to further promote your affiliate product.

This method is a free way to promote your affiliate product. Please take note, you MUST have followers on your social media platforms that share interest in the product you are willing to promote. If not, consider finding followers in the various niche you are planning to promote. This is one method to make money online with affiliate marketing with no website using click bank.

  1. With your hoplink from Click Bank, post your link, with good content on your social media profiles. Please keep in mind, don’t promote crap. I would usually only promote a product that I have first-hand experience with and I know it can be of value to those who follow me. I wouldn’t use a personal account, I would use an account made directly for your business. You can use such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter among others. You’ll have to do this delicately, because you don’t want to come off over-selling it or “spammy”. You can also use a URL shortener to make the link more manageable.

I’ve created a video below to help clarify this process. Once again, I wouldn’t use this for a business model, but a means to get your feet wet with affiliate marketing while making some quick money online. Provide your visitors/followers with a good product. You can use your own hoplink to buy whatever product you are wanting to promote at a discounted price.

With all this in mind, please read my post on how long to make money online using affiliate marketing. The above practices are definitely not quality over quality, but can produce some quick results.

Also note that sometimes Click Bank vendors often provide you with their own tested marketing material which can be found on the bottom of their sales page.

I hope you found this informative and helps you make money online with affiliate marketing with no website, using Click Bank.

Until next time, See you at the Top!

~ Gabe Killian

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