SEO for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

SEO for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has taken many forms in the last decade. After Google’s “Panda” and “Penguin” update, what once worked like magic is long a thing of the past. So what are the best practices for SEO for affiliate marketing in 2021? Search engine optimization for affiliate marketing in 2021 is a lot of the same game, but certain aspects far out-weight others. Also, some old practices are going to kill your rankings and visibility.

Before we go further, here is what Google says about SEO in 2021

Next, let’s talk about bad SEO in 2021. The things that no longer work.

What NOT to do for SEO in 2021 with Affiliate Marketing

  • Article Marketing/Article Submission Sites – Article marketing used to be a great way to get free traffic to your site, increase views and build your link authority. This is no longer the case. If you look up most of the major article submission sites, they are no longer active. Most have been completely re-established. If possible, stay away from any site that offers such a service. Countless websites have been blacklisted being associated with them
  • Website Submission Directories – This is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to SEO for affiliate marketing in 2021. Most website directories are seen as spam and a way to manipulate the SERPS which Google deems as spammy. This does not apply to the ones that have strictly controlled their content over the years however. For example, I still see well ranking websites in some of the epic up-scale/hand-picking directories that are often hard to get in to.
  • Paid Links – Again, be weary of paid links as Google deems them as black-hat. But like mentioned before, there are ways around it. Some websites offering paid linking are very careful to make the links look natural and never reveal the sites they are connected with.
More Bad SEO Stuff…
  • Focusing on SEO and NOT user-friendly content – Today, Google is all about the experience of the user when it comes to SEO. If your website doesn’t read well or doesn’t have interesting/fresh content, It will likely play a huge role in it’s rankings.
  • Pop-Up Ad overuse – Google really frowns upon pop-ups that occur immediately as entering the page, inhibits the visitor to proceed, covers the majority of content or disrupts mobile viewing. We live in the age now where cellphones are used more than desktops and Google is paying attention.

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Good SEO for Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Good Search Engine Optimization for Internet Marketing in 2021

The following are practices for good SEO for affiliate marketing in 2021.

  • Write with your visitors in mind – Google LOVES content that is made for the visitor, vice SEO. The more natural, fresh, unique, interesting and engaging your content it, the more your visitors (and Google) will love it.
  • Using Anchor Text (naturally) – When using off-page SEO tactics in affiliate marketing, off-page SEO strategies still apply and Google still gives weight to them. Maybe not as much as before, but they are still a strong factor in your rankings. You must make sure that those linking to you link naturally, with similar content and that the anchor text is reflective of both the content it comes from and where it lands.
  • Use ALT Image Text – Google still uses the ALT image attribute when ranking for search engine optimization. Plus you get the added benefit of your image showing up in the image SERPS.
  • Blog Commenting – Not as strong as before, but still considered beneficial in recent studies where the “do-follow” attribute was used.
  • Long-Tail Keywords – Quite possibly the best tactic in SEO for affiliate marketing in 2021! Long tail keywords are a must! Instead of keywords like “make money”, a better keyphrase would be “make money online in 2021 with affiliate marketing”. Long tail keywords are much easier to compete against. You will have a significantly better chance of being seen. Especially if you do proper keyword research.

More SEO Tips for 2021

  • Using Social Media – Use the various platforms of social media to boost the visibility of your content. It may not directly boost your rankings, but it’s still great. Posting on social media drives visibility and organically sends traffic to your website. If you aren’t using social media, then you are missing out.
  • Use Videos – Platforms like YouTube are essential for easy rankings and driving traffic to your website and can create long-term stability. Combining YouTube (or other media) channel in addition to your blog is an unstoppable powerhouse. In addition, you can take your written content and turn it in to video. Or… You can take your video and post it on your blog. This is NOTHING but a WIN!
  • Long Posts on Blogs – Google seems to favor larger page content than micro-posts on a blog (with the exception of Twitter obviously). Try to make each post count with as much valuable content as possible.
  • Use “rel=nofollow” or “rel=sponsored” tags – Use the following tags when you don’t want the search engines to crawl your links. The “sponsored” tag is highly effective for tagging affiliate links as to help Google better understand your content.
  • Updating Blog Content – Go back over time to your old posts and try to optimize them further and add more content as you come along. Search engines love updates when practicing SEO for affiliate marketing in 2021.

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millionaire seo strategies in 2021

A Few SEO Tips

  • Use the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress – Free version is great, paid version is better!
  • Make a professional YouTube channel – If you need help, spend $20 on Fiverr to have one made for you.
  • Get a good keyword tool. There are a ton out there and let them help you find your long-tail keywords.
  • Take time each day for off-page promotion, building social content/followers and/or updating/writing new content. Each and every day, make some progress. This is a marathon, not a short-term commitment. The actions you take today will be seen much further down the road. Be patient.

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Here is to your success in 2021! See you at the TOP!

Gabe Killian

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