Free Website Traffic Generation for Affiliate Marketing

Free Website Traffic Generation for Affiliate Marketing

So traffic is the driving force behind any affiliate marketing entrepreneur. At the end of the day we all want 2 things: Traffic and Conversions. And there are 2 ways to get traffic, paid and unpaid methods. This post will provide you with everything necessary to start getting the organic “naturally unpaid”, yes free, traffic to your website.

Before I get any further, there is one thing I must discuss. Traffic means absolutely nothing… yes I mean NOTHING without quality content. This holds true for paid or organic traffic generation. So as we go through this, I want you to always keep it in your mind that your visitors come first! When you create content, I want you to consider the needs of your prospective visitors and write, only to fulfill that need! Now let’s get some free website traffic generation for affiliate marketers!

Free Traffic Generation Tips

Ok with that out of the way. And yes, that is the most important rule with traffic generation, let’s start naming some suggestions.

Video Posts

  1. Video Posts – If you are not using video as part of your traffic source, you are missing out on one of thebiggest media platforms that create massive amounts of traffic. For example, YouTube, is one of the largest realms that have the potential to create tons of traffic for you. You can post a video for free and not only does it get indexed faster than Google written content, it ranks higher and easier, so much more efficiently. The same holds true with TikTok and Instagram and other video media platforms. If you want free website traffic, this is how to do it. Video is extremely important, if you want results.

Try this – If you don’t like posting your face on video, use a free screen recorder like CamStudio. With this software you can record your screen, providing “how-to” content. Simply add your audio and you have a full YouTube video. This is one of the easiest forms of traffic you can get to your website. When you create a video, recommend your website in the video and post a link in the description below. Don’t miss out on this high traffic source!

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Social Posting

2. Social Posting – Social posting, if done right, can be a huge form of traffic generation. From posting to Facebook, to Instagram, to LinkedIn, Reddit, or any other social platform, you have one more opportunity for your prospective visitors to find you. As an option, if you have a blog, you can use various free WordPress plugins to recommend social posting on your blog. Or, you can use such plugins to automatically post to your various social media accounts. Social posting helps engage your visitors.

Try this – Use a WordPress plugin that automatically posts to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more so every time you write a blog post, your content gets syndicated across these networks! You’ll automate the process and make it easier to be seen.

Other forms of free website traffic generation

3. Use an SEO Plug-In – If you are a blogger using a platform like WordPress, you can get free SEO tools, like Yoast SEO Plugin. This plug-in will help keep your blog search engine optimized and better your chances for higher rankings in the search engines, thus providing more traffic!

Try this – Use any SEO plug-in to calibrate the quality of your search engine optimization. Doing so will definitely increase your traffic in the long run.

4. Blog Commenting – Although Blog commenting might be seen as a dead method of building back-links to your site. Recent studies have shown that blog comments, especially “do-follow” increase your websites traffic over time.

Try this – Find blogs using the CommentLuv plug-in. This plugin provides “Do-Follow” links to your website. To find CommentLuv blogs simply Google search “CommentLuv” followed by the keyword of your choice.

5. Long-Tail Keywords – This should be your bread and butter. Long-tail keywords significantly lower the competition in the niche you are trying to rank within and get traffic. Keywords like Long-tail keywords should be the cornerstone of any affiliate marketing blogger.

Try this – Instead of using keywords like “affiliate marketing”, use words such as “affiliate marketing courses for newbies”! You will rank much higher, thus providing you with more, and more specific traffic.

One of the most important things to remember…

6. Be Patient – Organic traffic doesn’t happen over night. It takes persistence, consistency and patience to create a massive traffic-inducing blog. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your blog. Simply focus on wonderful content, quality backlinks and you’ll be on the path to success. Free website traffic generation takes time.

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Try this – Create 1 piece of content each day. Create a piece of content each day, and/or create a link of some sort.

build traffic to make money online

The Take-Away

There are limitless of ways to build traffic to your website. Create content for your visitors. Do your SEO research and long-tail keywords. Keep your content smart. Create your back-links naturally. Keep your content free of Spam. Do all these things ad you are basically geared for success.

As always, be patient.

See you at the top!


Gabe Killian

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