ENTRE Institute Review – Scam or Legit?

In this ENTRE Institute Review you’ll find out the real deal on Jeff Lerner’s Millionaire Blueprint. If you are interested in affiliate marketing, wanting to start an agency business or wanting to create your own course, you definitely want to read further. So is ENTRE a scam?

ENTRE Institute Review - Legit or Scam with Jeff Lerner

If you are in to affiliate marketing or making money online with any home base business, you may have seen the Ad from Jeff Lerner of ENTRE. ENTRE is a company that claims to teach entrepreneurs how to make money online using using a variety of methods involving affiliate marketing, website promotion and course creation. All of which can be extremely profitable businesses when done correctly. Well, I decided to take Jeff Lerner’s ENTRE course (I take a ton of courses, as one should, to keep myself always on top of what works!) So here is my honest ENTRE Institute review. Is ENTRE legit or is ENTRE a scam!

Before I go any further, you can download Jeff Lerner’s Millionaire Blueprint here free to check it out.

Jeff Lerner of ENTRE Institute Review

Jeff Lerner ENTRE Review

This entre review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t talk about Jeff Lerner, the co-creator of ENTRE. Jeff Lerner has an interesting history and as a self-made millionaire, he pulled himself out of $400,000 worth of debt after injuring himself as a professional pianist. He has spent his whole life with an entrepreneurial mindset. Like many entrepreneurs, his story has a humble beginning combined with a lot of struggle. Like all good stories, he eventually forged his own path while starting with affiliate marketing. He has expanded his business in to what it is today. Now he teaches every-day people how to make money online and create a legacy for themselves.

The ENTRE Institute co-founder [Jeff Lerner] has only been growing more and more in the entrepreneurial world. Along with his podcasts, video blogging and public appearances. He is a marketing force to be reckoned with. You can read about Jeff Lerner and Entre on his LinkedIn.

The Honest ENTRE Review:

As I write this, his course is $199 discounted to $39 dollars which immediately created some appeal. ENTRE is different than most affiliate marketing courses and digital marketing courses in that Jeff aims to intertwine mindset, and successful habits along with helping you create a business plan in order to make large sums of money online. Most classes are based in “How-To” methods and I found this course to be much more “all-encompassing” in that it prepares you mentally, while giving you step-by-step instruction to help ensure success.

One feature I thought that was really cool is that you also get a mentor assigned to you during the duration of the courses that allow you to Zoom call/phone call with to guide you in the steps of the course. Also at the end of the course you get access to a private Facebook group and ways to further your training in which many are also free. In order for me to give an accurate entre institute review, I have to touch on a lot of aspects of the course.

One of my biggest struggles as an affiliate marketer has always been networking and communicating with others in my field. As you can guess, that was a huge selling point in this course. As part of my ENTRE Institute review, I’ve compiled a list of pro’s and con’s from my first-hand experience with the course.

Entre Scam or Legit

ENTRE Benefits:

  • Real and effective blueprints on making money.
  • Full how-to and mindset training.
  • A lot of course for the price (and at discount).
  • Real One-on-One mentorship.
  • Continued training (both free and paid).
  • Easy Step by Step Instruction.
  • Free Private Facebook Membership.
  • Ability to Network with Others in Niche.

ENTRE Disadvantages

  • Lots of time watching videos.
  • Homework to do.
  • Some may not like the Mindset and Implementation training.
  • Lots of reading and information to digest.

One potential upgrade you can get as part of the ENTRE Institute Online Course is what is known as Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator Course. This particular course, taught by 7-figure affiliate marketer, Jesse Singh, is an affiliate-marketing tutorial course which covers everything from building funnels, integrating AWeber, email marketing/list building, harnessing the power of YouTube and YouTube SEO as well as blogging and getting traffic to your site. If there was 1 single course that I would recommend over any, is this affiliate millionaire accelerator course.

With this course you get a whole slew of value including learning how to optimize Facebook ads and can start you literally on the path to millionaire wealth in very little time. These guys are professionals and they show you exactly how they get the results that they do, so you can do it too.

My Recommendation – Get Jeff’s Report NOW!

Again, if you haven’t done so yet you can download Jeff Lerner’s Millionaire Blueprint here free.

affiliate marketing course online free

So is ENTRE a Scam?

Honestly, I felt great about the entire ENTRE Course, especially about the ENTRE Affiliate Marketing Course! There was a lot of Mindset training and homework that I wasn’t expecting, but all in all I felt it added a lot of value to it. They talk about a concept called the “3 P’s of Excellence” and creating an “Awesome Life”. I left every class very motivated and eager to do more. I 100% would not call ENTRE a scam.

It was also so very cool having a mentor that guided you through the various steps and provided even further information (and yes, homework). But anything worth doing, is worth doing right, yes? They also provide you with suggested reading/audiobooks that will help you grow in to a successful entrepreneur.

So, yeah I definitely would’ve paid the full price for it and not feel one bit of regret.

There you have it. My no B.S. honest review of ENTRE Institute and Jeff Lerner’s courses. Is ENTRE a scam? not in the least! They also offer a variety of other programs which I highly suggest taking. You’ll make your money back many times fold!

Jeff Lerner Review ENTRE

[Update] Introducing ENTRESOFT – ENTRE’s Biggest Launch.

Jeff Lerner had been hinting on it for a while now. However, recently they launched a new software platform and we are here to give you the details in this updated ENTRE Institute review.

Welcome to ENTRESOFT! What is ENTRESOFT? It is ENTRE’s new software platform, much like ClickFunnels that helps you in creating just about everything you need to run a successful business online.

Jeff Lerner’s new website has a lot in store for any entrepreneur, whether affiliate marketer, course creator or agency. Listed below are the benefits of this new software platform:

  • The ability to capture leads with landing pages, integrated phone system, calendars and surveys.
  • Lead messaging automation using everything from email to messenger to SMS and even forced calls.
  • Built in methods of setting up calendar invites, scheduling appointments and analytic tracking.
  • Built in website and funnel builder with hundreds of templates.
  • Full email campaign setup as well, which eliminates the need for outside auto-responder services.
  • Plus a ton of other features and benefits – and even more bonuses.

One big benefit of this ENTRE program is that ENTRESOFT also comes with a free $1900 affiliate marketing course provided by one of the worlds top affiliate marketers.

One of the benefits of going through the ENTRE program as a member [Get Jeff Lerner’s book and get into ENTRE via that link], is that this is one of the only ways to get access to this, which will save you a ton of money and 3rd party software. It also comes with a 14-day trial.

ENTRE Institutes Affiliate Accelerator Course Review

One of the best affiliate marketing courses I have had the pleasure of attending was part of ENTRE Institute. Their Affiliate Accelerator affiliate marketing course, taught by Jesse Singh, was one of the more thorough courses I’ve gone through online for affiliate marketing.

This course is taught as one of the offers in the ENTRE pipeline, which all starts with their free report. Or if you want to skip the free report, go straight to ENTRE HERE. But the affiliate accelerator course, which is taught by Jesse Singh covers most all the bases when it comes to starting an affiliate marketing business. Myself, I always go through top-tier affiliate marketing courses to keep myself fresh. There is always something new to learn, a new strategy, that I have yet to discover. But if you are interested in affiliate marketing with blogging, video marketing, Facebook advertising, email marketing and so forth, this is definitely the course for you.

Recently they added some new fresh content and you get lifetime access to all the training you get through ENTRE Institute.

ENTRE Institute Affiliate Program

And what good would a top-tier affiliate marketing course be for if they didn’t provide you with an amazing affiliate program to boot?! As a member of ENTRE, you get full access to their affiliate program which is quite amazing and pays out high-ticket commissions. The catch? You MUST be a member of ENTRE to take part in it, which is a significantly small price to pay considering the potential return on investment for an affiliate marketing course.

So combined with an amazing affiliate marketing course and a phenomenal affiliate program, this bundle allows you to start making money right away, even with a new affiliate marketing business. We really wanted to emphasize this in our ENTRE institute review.

Is ENTRE a scam? Yeah, no way. It’s a valuable learning platform that can help anyone make money online using 3, very stable Millionaire sized business models. Plus with ENTRESOFT, you are looking at an all-in-one solution for all your online business needs.

Start your journey with ENTRE HERE.

See you at the top!

Gabe Killian

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