High Paying Affiliate Programs and Subscription Payouts

What is the Most Profitable Affiliate Program?

What is the Most Profitable Affiliate Program

If you are new to affiliate marketing and making money online, I am sure one topic concerns you greatly. What is the most profitable affiliate program? The internet has a plethora of affiliate programs to choose from. Some are easy conversion/low paying. Some are high-payout affiliate programs, but maybe lower conversion. Some affiliate programs even offer subscription payouts for life! There are so many different types of Internet products to choose, sell and promote, the whole process may seem intimidating.

So What Affiliate Program Should You Choose?

This is one of those topics that everyone has their own opinion on. That being said, I will share what works best for me and what might work best for you.

The following are things you’ll want to consider when making a choice on which affiliate program is right for you as a beginner, intermediate or advance digital marketer.

  1. How much does it pay? Are you getting $2 a sale or $700?
  2. Will it convert? Do the conversion rates warrant the amount of money you can get?
  3. How much can I compete in this niche?
  4. If I pay for traffic, can I make the conversion repay my advertising?
  5. One-time buy? Have back-end sales, or subscriptions? This is extremely important!
  6. Is it a product that you, yourself would buy?
  7. Does the product reflect the wants of your visitors?

Once you know and have a good understanding of all the above, now is the time to choose a program.

What is the Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

What is the Best Affiliate Program for Beginners?

Let’s take a look at one of the major platforms affiliate marketers use, Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate program is unique in that when you recommend a product, even if the customer doesn’t buy, or buys other stuff in that session, you get credit for whatever they buy. The downside the Amazon is that pay out a high percentage rate, so you’ll have to promote a lot of products to make it worth your while.

Let’s talk about another affiliate program, Aweber. Aweber is an auto-responder email management and broadcast service that is commonly used within the Internet marketing community. The unique thing about Aweber is that it not only pays out a 30% commission up front, they also pay recurring payments for as long as someone uses the service. This means paychecks every month for every person who subscribes to this email marketing service. Many hosting programs are also like this. Subscriptions are a long-term solution to make great money every month.

You may have heard the term “Go big or go home!” Well high-paying affiliate programs can pay you large sums of cash for a single sale. Sometimes Clickbank offers programs that pay out as high as 75% or more commissions. At Clickbank you can decide from a variety of products and services. Some of these have very high payouts as well. If you are lucky, you can find a program that you like that not only pays a high front-end sale, but recurring sales in addition, or upgrades.

Finding the Most Profitable Affiliate Program

Unfortunately, many top-tier affiliate programs require you to buy their product or service first before allowing you to promote it. This makes finding the most profitable affiliate program kind of difficult. Conversely, this may be profitable to you. Through buying the product first, you’ll know how to sell it better because you have gone through the program or software. Secondly, it means less competition on those affiliate products.

My two favorite affiliate programs like this are ENTRE Institute and ClickFunnels. Both are products I can stand behind and provide my customers the greatest value. Plus they have an amazing affiliate program that is super profitable in many cases.

If you haven’t used these services, I would say they are nearly vital to affiliate marketing success.

In Conclusion

You can promote a variety of products, as long as they convert and help your visitors with what they are looking for. Myself, I tend to go with “high-ticket” affiliate programs in combination with back-end upgrades or subscriptions that provide my visitors with the most value. Ultimately, if you focus on value to your visitors and it makes great returns for you, then you are winning.

Try to find a product that converts enough, that sells enough so that you can make more profit. If you shoot for small paying or lower-converting affiliate products, you’ll have to do much more work to make the kind of money you’ll want to.

Also please check out our 12 Minute Affiliate Review for an amazing affiliate marketing program that actually works!

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