Writing to Connect with your Visitors

writing to connect with your visitors

Whether it is in a broadcast email, blog content, sales copy writing or any form of typed content, your writing needs to connect with your visitors. People appreciate connection. Your visitors are wanting something that speaks to them, something that is familiar. If you aren’t writing to connect with your visitors, then you are writing from the wrong mindset.

I worked in sales a good portion of my adult life. One of the biggest lessons I learned as a sales person was this: You want to make your customer understand that you feel as they feel. If this is an art that you can master, you will increase your sales 10-fold! The exact same concept can and does apply to digital marketing. You absolutely must be able to connect, as a human, to those visiting your website.

digital marketing means being able to connect with people

The Biggest Names in Internet Marketing do this Flawlessly

Have you ever gotten an email from a famous Internet Marketer or other successful person online and thought to yourself “Man, he/she really gets me!” If they came down too hard with the sales push, you’d probably be turned off and never want to buy whatever they are selling. So with this in mind, many of these people seriously consider the needs and understand the needs of his/her prospective buyers. If you come at this with the consideration of others and not your pocket book, your copywriting will only excell.

Why is Writing to Connect so Important?

You can get all the traffic in the world to your website. Traffic generation can be free or paid. You can dump tons of money and time to your website… Which is great, right?! Well, it is ONLY great, if all those visitors, all that traffic to your website, find your content of value. Also consider that your visitors won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you, and trust comes with connection. People tend to buy from those that they feel akin to.

So what is the takeaway from this?

Yes, always consider your needs, but consider the needs of your visitors first. Your visitors deserve it and you will only benefit from it. Does your content speak to your visitors? Is it of any value? Writing to connect should be on the forefront of your mind when creating each post or webpage. Let them know you are real, you feel pain and happiness, just as they do. Let them know that the same troubles they go through are the same that you feel, or have felt. This holds just as true in affiliate marketing and other forms of Internet marketing.

This is a short post, but it’s been on my mind lately as I’ve been reading other blogs as of late.

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Until next time. See you at the top!

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