Making Money Online with an Empty Cup

Making Money Online with an Empty Cup
Learning is also having an open mind

I recently attended a 2 day workshop dealing in affiliate marketing, traffic generation and advertising. Prior to the class I was told a number of times “Come with an empty cup”. I thought to myself “how am I to make money online with an empty cup?” I had all these experiences, so why can’t i utilize these to build on the knowledge I was going to gain? Btw, empty cup means basically showing up with an open mind. That being said, part of me was so certain I knew most of all of it. Oh how was I wrong!

Where Does the Growth Start?

So in order to adapt and grow, we, as humans must continually re-evaluate everything we know. We must have a questioning attitude and must be willing to learn, despite what we think we may know. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different result. With that being said, why do we assume that the belief that we always know the right thing to do, will bear similar results? If we are to grow as digital marketers… If we are to make great money online… We absolutely must adopt the idea of coming in to things with an “empty cup:” We must toss aside as entrepreneurs, all “we think” we know and humble ourselves while learning something new. We must continually shed our old washed-out skin to reveal fresh insight.

The take-away is that because I listened to the advice of keeping my cup empty, I gained a vast amount more than I would have should I let my ego take over. Once you stop learning, the growing stops, then you stagnate and die. ALWAYS. KEEP. GROWING! This is one things that I stand by with all of my soul. Never stop learning and be open-minded to something that you may find provide you with better answers.

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