Affiliate Marketing is All About Knowing Your Audience

Affiliate Marketing - Knowing Your Audience

You can get all the traffic in the world, but if your traffic doesn’t convert to sales, then your affiliate marketing isn’t working. Affiliate marketing is all about knowing your audience. One major aspect of converting those sales is the consideration of your audience. Let’s say you are wanting to promote a children’s book for ages 5-9. Would you want to target high-schoolers? Of course not!

You would want to consider perspective buys such as:

  1. Parents

2. Teachers

3. Child Care Professionals

4. and literally anyone who is connected to children ages 5-9.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, you absolutely must know your audience and consider what it is that they are wanting. Promoting a product? Ask yourself “What pains my audience that they would need a solutions for?” Then simply provide them with the solution.

What Does Pain Have to do with Affiliate Marketing?

Your only job (and you should feel good about this) is to provide an avenue to solutions for your customers. If all our need were always fulfilled, we would never need to buy anything. If we weren’t lacking in some way, shape or form, then we would need nothing else. Your entire job is to find out what someone needs, what is ailing them, then hand it to them on a silver platter!

affiliate marketers solve problems

That’s right! Affiliate Marketers solve problems! We do so much more than just try to sell other peoples products. We provide a pathway to the solutions, thus making someone’s life better (hopefully). Doesn’t that make you feel even better about the money? It should! You must always keep this in mind whether its writing content, creating a sales copy or traffic funnel, and especially in your advertising. This is where being an empath can work to your advantage in digital marketing. Again, Affiliate marketing is all about knowing your audience!

Myself, I am extremely empathetic to people. Like, I truly care about others and always willing to provide assistance to others on a heartfelt level. While this can be harmful in some ways, it also makes me good in sales and effects my sales copy writing. People aren’t stupid, they can read whether you are genuine or not. So what I think about when writing my affiliate content is “How is what I am doing going to help others?” I keep my audience in mind every step of the way.

I promise you. If you write your content with the end user in mind, instead of trying to just “sell” your affiliate product, your sales will increase. You will be happier, traffic better and your visitors will opt to buy from you much more!

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