One Big Mistake Affiliate Marketers Make

And this is one of the biggest!
biggest affiliate marketing mistakes
Don’t Affiliate Market Like This!

If you are new to Internet marketing or just starting out in affiliate marketing, there is a decent chance you may get caught up in this huge mistake that is literally leaving massive amounts of wealth on the table. When I started in 2005, I was alone in this business. A friend of the family was consistently making $40,000 a month online, going on cruises, meeting other like-minded people, networking, etc. Me, being ambitious yet stubborn, decided I was going to do what she did and do it better!

Unfortunately, there was a problem.

My poor (literally), ambitious self, did everything as a lone wolf. I had never touched a blog or website, I started not knowing what the heck SEO was or the first thing about generating traffic. I didn’t understand FTP, nor did I know a lick of coding. Fortunately, I pick up things pretty easily but regrettably I always learned the hard way. Mistakes were made as I endeavored to make my tons of money online as an affiliate marketer. I relied solely on reading articles, trying the latest products and keeping close watch on forums like Warrior Forum (yes, it’s been around that long). So much experience was gained, but at the cost of countless hours, damaged SEO tactics and a whole lot of money.

What hurt my Affiliate Marketing strategy so badly?

Looking back, it was my lack of networking with others. HANDS DOWN! While yes, forums are a way of networking, they are almost akin to reading articles at times. What I should’ve done is connect with my friend making 40,000 dollars a month online and getting to know her friends as well. I didn’t have a support group… well, at least one that shared my passion. Family and friends are great, they can be a huge driving force, but they will never share the “know-how” or drive that someone working within the affiliate marketing community. And I paid the price for this. Her earnings continued to grow, her connections continued to grow. We are talking about join ventures, giant increases in email lists, traffic and conversions galore! She explored countless opportunities, while here I was going down the rabbit hole over and over trying to trouble shoot this thing we call Internet marketing.

The take away.

It is of utmost importance that you reach out. Even if you don’t know anyone yet in the community, reach out. We live in this wonderful world that now has Zoom and that opens up a world of possibilities. Create meetings where you can discuss traffic generation strategies, conversion tactics, analytics, keyword research, list building and anything you might think you can be better at. In turn, help those you connect with by sharing your experience. Bring each other up! Had I had done this I would have found success so much sooner and with so much less stress, time and money wasted on the biggest and best affiliate marketing product that didn’t work. I would have made so much more money online had I only not been so stubborn and been on a fast track to success. Luckily, I survived this and we live and learn. So here I am to share my story with you that hurt me so many years ago. Don’t make the same mistake! Be better! Connect Better! Network Better!

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